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It Was Broached at the Closing of the Fourth STEP Meeting in Oman;

Creating Online Hub for Making Science and Technology Network in Islam World


The 4th session of Science and Technology Exchange Program (STEP) meeting ended by broaching and analyzing topics such as creating online hub as a suitable place for making network in science and technology cooperation, sharing and publishing information.

According to the public relations and information center of the presidency vice presidency for science and technology affairs, the 4th session of Science and Technology Exchange Program (STEP) meeting in Islamic countries ended after 3 days of meeting and talking among 80 scientists in health, energy and water fields.

Rasoul Dinarvand, the executive secretary of the 4th session of Science and Technology Exchange Program (STEP) in Islamic countries said in the closing ceremony: based on extensive discussions during the sessions about the R&D status in their respective institutions, following observations and recommendations were made to further enhance scientific and technological collaboration among Islamic countries and beyond.

The items offered at the closing of the 4th session of STEP are establish an online hub as an enabling platform for Science and technology collaboration networking, data sharing and dissemination of information, create an endowment with a purpose to fund activities that go above and beyond the present level of competence such as supporting exceptional scholars, productive researchers and new initiatives.  It is envisioned that this will have high priority projects.

Some prizes bestowed to young researchers for their prominent achievements at the closing ceremony of the 4th STEP meeting. The laureates of the 4th STEP meeting were Jookha Abdollah Alkalbani for presenting a project in information and communication technology, Amal Bety Alabri in information and communication technology and Khadijeh Saeed Alrashidi in physics.

Participants of the 4th STEP appreciated the Mustafa (PBUH) science and technology foundation and Sultan Qaboos University for holding this event and creating an opportunity for Islam world’s scientists’ gathering in the vein of better scientific future in Islamic countries.

Mustafa (PBUH) science and technology foundation established the Science and Technology Exchange Program (STEP) meeting in 2015 in Islamic countries as one of its program to increase cooperation among scientists. This event is held annually.

The Mustafa (PBUH) Prize is a top science and technology award of Islamic world granted to top researchers and scientists of the Islamic world biennially. The Mustafa (PBUH) prize, propagates and encourages learning sciences and carrying out research through identifying, introducing and appreciating top people in science and technology field of Islamic world.

Soorena Sattari (presidency vice president for science and technology affairs) is director of the policy-making council and Mahdi Saffari Nia (director of Pardis Technology Park of the vice presidency for science affairs) is the secretary of this council of this prize, according to the executive act of the Mustafa (PBUH) prize.


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