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Secretary of Biotechnology Development Headquarter:

The upward trend of global demand for bio-fertilizers


Secretary of biotechnology development headquarter stated: attention to bio-fertilizers has increased in the world and the global demand for these products has an upward trend.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Mostafa Ghanei, secretary of biotechnology development headquarter, stated about the importance of using bio-fertilizers: application of these fertilizers will increase the amount soil organic elements, reduce the need for chemical fertilizers, increase of nutrition absorption power by plants, prevent soil erosion and correct soil salinity with the help of sulfur in fertilizer.

He continued: fortunately, we have been successful in production of bio-fertilizers. Application of these fertilizers will lead to the sustaining of environment and food safety.

According to Ghanei, we need to plan for development of production of these products in the country to create the foundation for a safe distribution network for basing the bio-agriculture system in Iran. It should be noted that an important task is making bio-agriculture area economic for development.


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