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Realized with the Support of Cognitive Sciences Development Headquarter;

Promotion of brain and cognition between students of the country

The fifth student summer school and the first meeting of the general assembly of the scientific-student societies union "brain and recognition” was held in Tehran.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, the student summer school was held with the approach of education of teachers and members of the central council of student science associations of brain and cognition by the efforts of the national brain-mapping laboratory and neuroscience society of Iran and with the support of cognitive sciences and technologies development headquarter.

This educational course was established on topics of cognitive science in Iran and the World, research and research priorities of cognitive sciences, fundamentals of education and the promotion of cognitive sciences, creativity and entrepreneurship, cognitive rehabilitation, artificial intelligence, team making and planning in scientific associations and philosophy of mind.

In addition, in line with holding the student summer school, the first General Assembly of the Student Scientific Association was formed in the presence of representative of the social and cultural office of ministry of science, research and technology and cognitive sciences development headquarter hosted by Tarbiat Modares University and after the reading of the Statute of the Council and the Union Assembly to determine the members of the central council and inspection staff.

After voting, the representatives of universities of Alameh Tabatabaei, Gilan, Tarbiat Modares, Ferdowsi of Mashhad, Neyshabur, Sharif, and cognitive sciences research center were selected as the members of the central council, whereas the university of Isfahan was selected as the inspector of the general assembly of the scientific-student societies union "brain and recognition”.

During the fourth student summer school of brain and cognition, BSc, MSc and PhD students passed specialized research classes in the area of cognitive sciences to learn about issues, such as human brain anatomy, neural bases of thinking and language, memory and learning and vision, social cognition, neuro-marketing, cognitive modeling, cognitive aspects of psychiatric and neurological diseases, cognitive rehabilitation, brain mapping senses and perceptions and awareness and attention, and fundamentals of cognitive sciences and neurosciences.

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