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Sattari Announced during the Visit of the “Ali Baba” Startup:

Flourishing of the tourism industry with the help of startups and knowledge-based companies


According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Sorena Sattari, the president of the national elites foundation, pointed out the bright future of tourism industry and travel during his visit of the startup of “Ali Baba”, stating: formation and development of startups and knowledge-based companies will lead to a favorable future for tourism. These businesses can provide available and favorable services, which not only attracts domestic and foreign tourists, but also transforms this industry.

He regarded the creation of an ecosystem for entrepreneurs as the best infrastructure for development of knowledge-based businesses and startups, affirming: this infrastructure must be formed with the facilitation of the government but without the interference of the government in the process of activities of startups and knowledge-based companies and through the creation of a field for activities of the private sector. The government can create the foundation for serious transformation of these businesses through support and guidance of individuals of this field.

Sattari also marked that creative and knowledge-based businesses have changed the economic environment of the country by the innovation of their young and educated human resource, adding: these businesses develop new markets by a new approach toward economy and occupation.

Creation of an Exciting Trip Experience with an Iranian Startup

The vice president for science and technology affairs visited the research and development, market management and customer contact of “Alibaba” startup, which is one of the startup businesses that provides services related to travel and tourism.

This startup was established in 2014 and has been able to provide more than three million tickets for customers and has obtained a 45% share of the online travel market with its 20% growth. Startup of “Alibaba” has based its work on the development of tourism industry while having 20% share of airplane tickets and 15% share of train tickets.


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