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News > 15 domestic and foreign researchers will lecture in the first symposium of brain mapping.

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Proposed in Press Conference;

15 domestic and foreign researchers will lecture in the first symposium of brain mapping.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Mohammadreza Ay, head of national brain mapping laboratory, stated in the first symposium of new findings of brain mapping: the purpose of this symposium is promotion of cognitive science in the field of brain mapping and updating the information and knowledge of researchers, students, and technicians of this field. This symposium is the largest event in this area, which will be held in the presence of domestic and foreign lecturer, who will lecture about the updated issues.

He continued: in addition to lectures, there will be workshops as another part of the symposium during September 11th-July 28th, 2017. Moreover, in July 24th and 25th, activists of this field will be gathered and exchange their ideas. The location of this event is campus of technical schools of Tehran University. 

Hossein Ghadiri, the executive secretary of this symposium mentioned: for the first time, the real scientific geographical brain mapping in terms of human resources will be gathered in this symposium to share their updated knowledge with interested individuals. Outstanding professors of this field who will lecture in this event are Kamal Kharazi, Amirhossein Batouli of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Hamed Nili of University of Oxford, Rohollah Abdollahi of Jülich Neuroscience Institute, and Reza Rajimehr of MIT University.

Gholamali Hosseinzadeh, scientific secretary of this event, expressed that one of the purposes of this symposium is to provide a situation for communication and exchanging ideas between domestic and foreign researchers. Moreover, he stated: during two main days of this event, 15 lectures will be represented by domestic and foreign researchers, which include full collection of techniques and processes of brain mapping (e.g., familiarization with electroencephalography, signal recording and processing, near-brain infrared spectroscopy, brain stimulation and the way it is used to treat diseases, familiarization with functional magnetic resonance imaging, and brain stimulation workshop).

Hosseinzadeh continued: some of these workshops have skillful aspects, and participants will practically work with devices and equipment and will learn about the latest registered techniques. A whole collection of brain mapping, brain processing, and the way it is applied in cognitive science will be mentioned in 15 lectures of this event.

In this meeting, the chief of brain mapping laboratory provided and explanation of national brain mapping laboratory and expressed: the purpose of initiating this laboratory is to offer specialized services to researchers of the country through buying expensive equipment. This laboratory is equipped with the most advanced devices in country and even in local region. Equipment of this place have been determined by faculty of specialists, internal and external professors. Equipment are including three tesla electroencephalography, invasive brain simulation, electroencephalography compatible with MRI, functional near-brain infrared spectroscopy (FNIRS). The laboratory is also equipped with advanced facilities to process data, images, signals, and cognition evaluation.


Ay mentioned that the laboratory consists of all international standards and over the last year, two thousand and five hundred internal and external individuals visited this facility to increase advocacy debate and upgrade levels of knowledge of researchers. Other activities of this laboratory consist of setting up workshops and seminars which have been held for 43 thousand and 2 hundred hours. Since this facility is a national laboratory, it provides services for all researchers of all provinces, there were several plans for different provinces which were gathered the researches together and provided them with equipment. 

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