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News > Iran grew by 18 ratings in the output index of science and technology

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The Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology Affairs Announced according to the Global Innovation Index (Gll 2017):

Iran grew by 18 ratings in the output index of science and technology

The vice president for science and technology affairs stated: according to the final report presented by Global Innovation Index (GII 2017), Iran has had a growth of 18 ranks in the index of knowledge and technology outputs

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology, expressed about the newest report by GII in 2017, which was published on June 15th 2016. In this report, 127 countries are evaluated. According to this report, Iran has had significantly developments over the past few decades, reaching to the rank of 75 from 78.

He continued: the fact is that the rank of 75 is not the actual indicator of Iran’s potential according to the national capacities and innovative abilities of this country. This is mainly due to the fact that some of the international medals are not appropriate tools of assessment because of their specific status and lack of exact proportionality of features in countries such as Iran.

According to Sattari, the mentioned models can have significant notes for policy-makers due to international comparison and repeated measurements.



Rank in 2016

Rank in 2017

Rank change

Total rank of the country









Human resource and research








Market complexity




Business complexity




Knowledge and technology outputs




Creative outputs





He asserted: one of the most important notes of this model is the importance of balanced attention to all national innovation dimensions. The vice president for science and technology continued: according to the report of 2017, growth of Iran in index of knowledge and technology output and creativity output has been reported to be 18 and 10, respectively, which is acceptable compared to the incremental increase in total rank of the country.

Head of national science foundation pointed out other determining factors of this report, affirming: improvement has been observed in other index, including human resource and research and organizations with incremental increase of 3 and 6, respectively. According to Sattari, Iran has had lack of improvement in index of infrastructure and business complexity, which indicate the amount of success of the main economic section in providing the financial and information infrastructures and penetration of technology and innovation in large industrial and service sections. In this regard, we have witnessed a reduction of 4 and 10 ranks, respectively.

Sattari mentioned that this lack of proportionality in improvement of rank shows that the main economic sections of the countries have not been able to provide a suitable environment for flourishing the capacities of science centers, universities and knowledge-based companies in the form of innovative and economic actions.





Vice president of national science foundation also mentioned: therefore, we have to make excessive efforts to improve the business environment and its essential infrastructure. In addition, our economic activities should pay more attention to technology and innovation, which are the key factors for growth of Iran in the global arena of innovation and competitiveness. We hope that these issues will be on the agenda of the 12th government.

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