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News > Resistive economy will be achieved by relying on intangible properties.

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Zargham stated in the 105th Meeting with Scientific Centers of the Country;

Resistive economy will be achieved by relying on intangible properties.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Nosratollah Zargham, president of Iranian national science foundation, had a lecture in the 12th meeting of university deans and heads of vocational schools from around the country. This is the 105th meeting attended by Zargham. 

During this meeting, Zargham introduced the activities of the foundation, stating: the Iranian national science foundation has been established since 2003 in order to develop science and technology in the country and take advantage of experiences of other countries. This foundation has also played a significant role in supporting the potential and actual capacities of researchers of the country, 

According to Zargham, the value of individuals depends on their services to society, not their university degrees. He continued: if vocational schools aim to train skilled and talented people, they can fulfill their goals and mission. However, culture building should be performed in the society so that the services provided by these people could be assessed. Nevertheless, different organizations have tangible and intangible properties. In order to achieve proper resistive economy, the intangible sources of these organizations must be used, which will lead to success if there is appropriate management. 

At the end, he marked: status of skill training centers is improved daily. However, this is not only observed in Iran and can be seen all around the world due to its role in increasing the growth of gross domestic product.

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