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News > In order to have a permanent resistive economy, purchasing Iranian-made products must be a part of our culture.

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The first vice president at the closing ceremony of “Made in Iran” festival;

In order to have a permanent resistive economy, purchasing Iranian-made products must be a part of our culture.

According to the news headquarter of “Made in Iran” festival, on the closing ceremony of the national, cultural and artistic festival of “Made in Iran”, which was held at IRIB International Conference Center and attended by Soorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, Eshagh Jahangiri pointed out that the majority of Iranian population is young adults, adding: our youth have claims like employment and job opportunities and we need to attempt to meet their needs in this regard.

The first vice president expressed: in order to have economic development in line with the demands of the society, we have to create an environment suitable for economy activists and investors.

He asserted: a part of our duties is to provide this type of environment, which is a government responsibility. For example, the government must provide economic stability, appropriate international conditions and safety in our country. Alongside with these variables, the cultural atmosphere in our country must be suitable for economic activists. In a way that economic activists and investors feel honored by their community.

Jahangiri pointed out the attempts made by the government of “Prudence and Hope” to provide a suitable environment for economic activists, expressing: along with the government’s efforts, general politics of resistive economy were also announced by our Supreme Leader and we believe that these policies could lead the country toward flourishing.

The first vice president marked that usually economists have different ideas about a specific issue, adding: fortunately, there is consensus among our economists regarding the general politics of resistive economy. In addition, there is a national unity between institutions and agencies of the country for implementing the policies of resistive economy. The majority of these people believe that resistive economy will solve our nation’s problems.

The first vice president accounted culture as the leader of the economy and growth of our country.

He emphasized the fact that creation of new job opportunities will not be possible other than through investment and production, stating: in order for the manufacturers and investors of our country to work safely, we need to be sure of the demand for a specific product.

Jahangiri pointed out the tendency of some individuals and families toward foreign products, asserting: if our cultural and artistic elites participate, this false attitude will decrease and people will be more eager to buy Iranian-made products.

He also added: engineering and production of Iran have significantly improved in recent years. Today, Iranian specialists build oil platforms, knowledge of which is limited for just a few countries.

He emphasized on the ability of young engineers to do great work, claiming: today, use of internal power has resulted in the establishment of large power plants and refineries. However, we should not neglect the updated international knowledge and we have to benefit from the experiences and knowledge of successful countries in this regard.

According to Jahangiri, Iranian-made products are not made of low-quality materials. He explained: nevertheless, domestic manufacturers must always try to improve the quality of their product. Moreover, they should know that if they don’t seek competitiveness and enhanced quality, they won’t last in the market.


In this ceremony, which was attended by Eshagh Jahangiri, the first vice president, Soorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs and Parviz Karami, the deputy-general of “Made in Iran” festival and a number of officials and artists, the selected works in different sections of the festival were awarded with certificates of appreciation.

The national, cultural and artistic festival of “Made-In-Iran is held with the aims of “mainstreaming and producing content for cyberspace related to commercialization cycle, entrepreneurship and knowledge-based economy”, “supporting made-in-Iran knowledge-based productions and services”, “organizing irregular imports and respecting Iranian qualified goods and products” and also “helping bolding the trade mark of Iranian desirable goods” in sections of literature, visual arts, visual and auditory media, digital media, video games and idea-mart by the effort of the knowledge-based science, technology and economy culture development headquarter of the vice presidency for science affairs and with Parviz Karami as the secretary-general and with the slogan of “Iranian Technology; Iranian Business” from January 5th to 7th, 2017. The last deadline of sending works to this festival is November 21st, 2016.

The last deadline of sending works to this festival is November 21st, 2016.

To learn more about the cultural and artistic festival of "Made-In-Iran", you can refer to the website 

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