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On Culture of Helping Others

Nothing Left But the Goodness of Benefaction People

Entrepreneurship is not like Vitamin that can be fed to people according to the physician’s order. Lonership and gathering capital and taking them out from the country are not viruses that can be eliminated through public vaccination. The fundamental of entrepreneurship- not from the perspective of economic but rather cultural- is the very thing that our fathers told about the “benefaction hand”.

If someone used his capital- for example he set up a business and employed a few workers and employees- It was told that he is benevolent and does duty in God’s aliment giving. God’s aliment doesn’t need middleman but it needs reasons and tools and it reaches people through good people. In the common culture, capitalism has never been bad and hateful. The bad and filthy and disgusting things were usury and taking over the right of others and lonership and by Quran’s interpretation, gathering capital and number. In folksy tales, Haj Jabar was blamed not for his business but because he didn’t help others. It is easy. He was so stingy that he even didn’t help his family and did no good thing with his capital. People thought that good works are building bridges, feeding people, creating inns in roads and participate in benefaction of the world. According to Sa’di: “Those who left bridges or caravansaries or inns would never die.” It means obtaining good names by doing good, digging aqueduct, etc.

There were many benevolent people until recently who circulated they capital and boomed the production. Actually, using the capital to prosper the world wasn’t bad but virtue. But the new world brought concepts with itself that didn’t fit our cultural beliefs. What we knew about capital and what rich people could do had nothing to do with the new concept of capital and capitalism. At the new world, even in production, capitalism is equal to a greedy and avaricious self that doesn’t satisfy and wants to swallow the world at once and if it builds factory or employs people, it doesn’t want to do good but to add to its capital and number. Capital and number are the most important tools of power and in the new world, the richer you are, the more powerful you are. In the new world, power means colonialism, exploitation, fooling and being cruel to dominate the world and taking people’s right. Actually, the North and the South of the world have turned so that the Northern people eat fully and have everything and the Southern people are skinny and starving and even don’t have their lives and money.

If you see the capitalism has become disgusting culturally and poor people look at the rich people with grudge, it is because of these filths and ugliness that has been attached to the modern world since the 18th century. On the other hand, good people are not idle and they constantly want to amend beliefs and perceptions. We have to made progress and eliminate the economic problems of our country. For this purpose, the government has some duties and the nation has some duties. We shouldn’t distract ourselves now by counting the government’s duties and the nation’s.  Nearly, these affairs are obvious and no one struggles over them. If there is a fight, it’s the experts’ fight. Meanwhile, it seems that in the term of culture- or correct culture-making – no one ever tries. Even if they try, it’s not deep and by roots. Separate from the government, if people don’t turn to the culture of benevolence and doing well, no good happening will occur in our condition.  To transfer what I mean better, let me give an example. In recent few years, some reasons caused the price of the “land” to increase instantly. A 10-million house turned to a billion house and a worthless land’s cost became as valuable as gold. Those who have a shed, or had a land in nowhere, slept at night while they were employees and woke up the next morning while they had become billionaire. Maybe you have heard about these one-night rich people around yourselves. But the question is that what have these new generations of capitalists done with their capital? Did they build factory? Did they found a service company? How many people have been employed by their money? Have their made jobs? What good things did they do?  Nothing at all. Not only they did no good but they invest their money in middlemanship and land and destroy the destroyed economy of the country more. Many of them exchange their money with dollar and pound and dirham and circulated it at the economy of America and Europe and Emirates. The question is that why did they choose the lonership and exploiting the people instead of serving their own people?  Were they Aliens? Did they have mission from the global capitalism to hurt our country? Weren’t they a part of us? Weren’t these one-night millionaires our relatives and friends and neighbors? Does it mean that if we became rich like them, would we do the same? Why? What has happened in our country that entrepreneurship and productions are the last things that may cross a capital-owner’s mind?

There are some consultation companies in our country that consult capitalists. Listen to them. If you learn from the west, don’t just learn the bad things. Why CV or financial supporters of small companies and start-ups are not participated in the society so that the investment is made in business and useful ideas of some educated and motivated youths instead of land or property or dollar. You don’t hear a word from entrepreneurship and production and benevolence and bridge and inn. Why not? This why and other thousand why has just one answer: “Culture.”. If we want to talk realistically, we should say that we haven’t done any proper cultural action to institutionalize the entrepreneurship as a value. Families, schools, market, university, the broadcasting and all cultural organizations are guilty that they haven’t made this culture for the nation that one Rial is worthy when it does good to others and the capital is valuable when it leads to entrepreneurship. Do you understand me? We should believe that there are good capital and bad capital. Bad capital is the one that leads to luxe and self-glorification and selfishness and lonership and middlemanship and money-laundering and treason and humiliating others and exploiting others and the good capital is a clean and pure capital that does well to people and is accompanies with contentment and generosity and humbleness and benevolence. According to Hafiz, It is written on this peridot porch with gold that nothing left but the goodness of benefaction people. We have to understand fully at schools and families that what this goodness of benefaction people is.

*Parviz Karami


Consultant of the presidency vice president for science and technology affairs and president of the information and public relation of the presidency vice presidency for science and technology affairs

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