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Advisor to the Vice President for Science and Technology Affairs on the TV Program of “Titr Emshab”:

Knowledge-based economy will be realized by knowledge-based consumption and general demanding

According to the secretary of knowledge-based economy, technology and science development headquarter, culture building and raising the general knowledge of the society, as well as understanding the importance of knowledge-based consumption and demanding are the solution for development of knowledge-based economy and solving small and large problems of the world based on economy.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Parviz Karami, secretary of knowledge-based economy, technology and science development headquarter, regarded the understanding of the importance of entrance of knowledge and technology into daily life of people and knowledge-based consumption and improvement of the taste of the society toward knowledge-based products and services in realization of knowledge-based economy in the TV program of “Titr Emshab”, stating: we always choose to use foreign products or services or apply the easiest method with lowest cost when faced with a problem, which has prevented the involvement of Iranian knowledge-based companies. Therefore, the society must come to the realization that solving small and large problems in the society requires the constant presence and use of innovation, knowledge and technology of knowledge-based companies.

Pointing out the importance of presence of the government and powerful sovereignty in creating the culture for knowledge-based consumption, Karami stated: people always search the role of the government in the definition of a servant government. However, we need to move toward to path, in which people demand for a powerful sovereignty. In a servant society, we only think about the entrance of a number of people to the traffic area and there is no solution for other citizens and the rest must not come outside. Alternatively, we could use the common method of odd-even and creativity of individuals will be summed up in manipulation of car license plates to enter the restricted areas. However, in a powerful government, use of knowledge-based technologies in findings new methods and designing knowledge-based ideas can lead to significant results, such as electrical engine,  hybrid and facilitation of public services using IT.

People must ask for the bests from the government and must not be satisfied with low-quality products and services. Here, the role of the government is reflected by the support of people. There is no collective demand for the realization of knowledge-based economy of the state and the sovereignty, for which the necessities and special status of knowledge-based economy must be promoted. In order to have support of the public, their taste about knowledge-based products must be modified.

Knowledge-based Companies are the Strong Pillars of the Economy of Resistance

Secretary of knowledge-based economy, technology and science development headquarter regarded knowledge-based companies as the strong pillars of the economy of resistance, adding: today, a major part of organizations, such as the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, has made a significant effort to grow and develop the economy of the country by putting the support of these enterprises on their agenda.

Advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs also emphasized on the importance of coordination of all units and organizations to eliminates the barriers to knowledge-based production and businesses and formation of a united window in dealing with the affairs of knowledge-based companies in sub-organizations, continuing: to realize this goal, all of the executive organizations, must move toward the identification and elimination and modification of newly emerged problems and obstacles.

Necessity of Role of All Players in the Field of Knowledge-based Economy

Advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs considered the major cause of development of knowledge-based economy to be specialized, creative and talented human resource, asserting: to form this knowledge-based economy, in addition to the involving of the major players, such as universities, innovation centers, accelerators, science parks and startups, knowledge-based companies and venture capitals (the modern form of banks and asset market) are also important in this ecosystem. In addition, the public play a role in this regard and could have demands since in addition to knowledge-based consumption, the knowledge-based economy is formed through the establishment of an appropriate market and simulation of demand for knowledge-based products and services.

Karami also mentioned that knowledge-based consumption can be possible by involvement of universities and the media, adding: realization of knowledge-based consumption requires universities that do not just provide degrees and pay attention to the end of the cycle of science, technology and commercialization of ideas, meaning knowledge-based production. Students must be trained in a way that they could be entrepreneurs through establishing a business, startup or knowledge-based company or being present in research and academic centers.

Secretary of knowledge-based economy, technology and science development headquarter regarded the development of entrepreneurial ecosystem to depend on the role of all players of this field, expressing: knowledge-based economy is formed by placing several circles of this ecosystem and completing the cycle.

He also pointed out the importance of promotion of culture of knowledge-based economy in universities of the country based on the entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem, conveying: universities must start moving toward the creation of added value and acquiring a part of their revenue from selling knowledge-based products or services of technological companies stablished by students and professors and must not only rely on government money.

“Facilitation” is the Most Important Support of Knowledge-based Economy by the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology Affairs

Advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs expressed: facilitation means preparing the market and business environment for creation, continuity, growth and empowering of startups and knowledge-based companies.

He stated that startups are formed based on a problem or for elimination of one of the society needs. In this regard, he continued: four million and 700 thousand students of the country require occupation and presentation of their abilities and knowledge in the form of a business. Here, startups and knowledge-based companies are the best foundation for realization of this issue.

Karami pointed out that the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs has executed more than 110 services and supports based on the support regulations for continuity of these businesses, asserting: some cases, such as customs and tax exemptions and insurance, are defined by these regulations. However, some other issues are implemented through agreements and following up of the Vice-Presidency, such as helping the locating of knowledge-based companies and startups in residential areas by the government and municipality, exemption of military services of influential individuals, and customs and tax exemptions, all of which are regarded as facilitating activities of knowledge-based and economic businesses.

He also mentioned the importance of providing an appropriate space for role playing of Iranian knowledge-based companies in the international events, adding: in this regard, services of the technology export corridor to the market of the Vice-Presidency have been provided to support the presence of knowledge-based companies in pavilions of Iran in foreign exhibitions or in international travels of the Vice-Presidency along with government delegations, so that their services and products could be introduced to other countries.

Karami asserted: digital economy is one of the areas followed up by the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs since this unique area with its high potentials can lead to the occupation of a major part of the society in businesses based on information technology and communication.

Accurate Design and Presentation of Ideas Is Essential for the Growth of and Investment in New Businesses

Majid Dehbidipour, deputy of the science and technology park of Sharif University of Technology, pointed out that innovation and providing high-quality products are the most important factors for successful startups and knowledge-based companies, affirming: many new businesses have modified our lifestyle since they bring comfort and eliminate our needs. Therefore, we pay for them. As a result, the natural process of survival of knowledge-based businesses involve innovation and quality to be competitive in the market.

He also mentioned the importance of venture capital in constant growth of these businesses, stating: venture capital is not interpreted as wasting of assets for an ambiguous work. In fact, it is a type of intellectual investment with future but in a place that is associated with high risks and could yield a high level of added value.

He continued: innovative activists of the environment of new businesses must have proper designs and high-quality services or products to motivate the investment of the private sector in this section.

Dehbidipour regarded the training of an informed and creative human resource for entering the technological market as the most important mission of universities to realize the knowledge-based economy, stating: what has happened in universities is that they follow their main mission, which is creating the necessary awareness and knowledge for students. However, training a generation of entrepreneurs and innovators is regarded as the most recent and important mission of universities.

He pointed out the considering of research in the second stage, affirming: today, universities have the mission of entrepreneurship and innovation as well to train the required human resource for presence in the business market.

Deputy of the science park of Sharif University of Technology added: the condition of universities have responded to the needs of this field. However, they could be better. In this regard, the private sector has the main role in development of knowledge-based companies and the government cannot independently support all of these companies.

He also pointed out that the copy right law is not emphasized in the country, stating: what is important here is that idea is not that important and it is teams that operate ideas.

Dehbidi continued: there is no stealing of ideas in the environment of knowledge-based companies since idea is just the starting point. The important issue is that who is able to turn the idea into a product and present it to the market.

He added: I ask idea makers not to consider themselves as the major part of the work. This delusion must be eliminated since they only have five percentage involvement.


Deputy of science park of Sharif University of Technology pointed that that founders of knowledge-based companies must learn that people pay for high-quality products and might even pay more. In this respect, he expressed: venture capital does not mean that investors lose their assets. It means that investors can create high level of added value and even have a high profit rate. 

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