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Role of Science, Technology System in Foiling Sanctions in Interview with Dr. Sahebkar:
Crossroad of Confronting Sanctions
Today, wherever we see that a sanctions is imposed on Iran, it was due to “one of our internal weak point”. Wherever we were strong and as the Americans say, we have been so much wise and vigilant that we strengthened our capabilities in that sector, their hands have remained empty and they couldn’t impose any sanctions against us. From this point of view, maybe the sanctions have yielded some benefits for us.
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INIC Secretary-General:
Iran to Unveil 20 Knowledge-Based Nano Products
"We will witness the presentation of at least 20 prototype samples of knowledge-based nanotechnology products in the nanotechnology festival due to be held early autumn, " Secretary-General of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) Saeed Sarkar announced.
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Iran to Launch Comprehensive Bank of Stem Cells Derived from Dental Pulp by Yearend
Iran is due to launch a comprehensive bank of stem cells derived from the dental pulp by the end of this year with the support of the headquarters for the development of stem cells technologies of the scientific and technological department of presidential office.
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Headquarters of Water, Drought, Corrosion, Environment
Presents 148 Technology, Solution for Management of Water Shortage Crisis
The workgroup of water, drought, corrosion and environment of the scientific and technological department of presidential office presented 148 solutions and technology for handling the water shortage crisis and obviating the countrys challenges in the field of water.
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Dr. Baharvand; Winner of UNESCOs Biosciences Prize:
My Prize Belongs to Researchers Effective in Peoples Life
The Iranian scientist who has won UNESCOs biosciences prize believes that a deep root should be created in producing science to grow the robust tree of technology.
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