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183 research projects of researchers are approved for support

183 research projects of researchers are approved for support

The specialized committee of Iran National Science Foundation has currently approved the support of 183 research projects to soon enter the implementation stage.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, 183 research projects of researchers of the country have been approved for support. Researchers, faculty members of scientific centers, and scholars across the nation send their applied projects in various science and technology fields to the Iran national science foundation in order to be supported if approved. The projects are referred to relevant working groups based on field of science, and the specialized committee will assess the projects in the last stage.


Every month, the specialized committee holds meeting to assess projects. In the last meeting, 93 PhD dissertations, 21 post-doctoral dissertations, and 69 research projects of researchers of various provinces were approved. The approved projects are for support of various scientific fields. The projects include 20 medical projects, 14 projects in the field of humanities and social sciences, 13 projects in the field of animal sciences, veterinary and fishery, 37 projects in the field of agriculture and natural resources, 11 intergroup projects, 29 technical and engineering plans, 28 environment plans, 2 management and economic sciences, 3 physics and mathematical designs and two art and architecture projects.

This support is material and spiritual to pave the way for research of researchers. The maximum material support of each project is different according to the needs and equipment used.

According to this report, 22 scientific working groups are active in various fields of medicine, aerospace, basic sciences, religion, art, health and environment in the fund to support researchers and develop the area for their research. These studies will eventually promote the activities of the country. 

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