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55 knowledge-based products have been produced

55 knowledge-based products have been produced

The researchers of the country have constructed 55 knowledge-based products in the country with the support of the Iranian national science foundation.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, every year, researchers send their projects to the Iranian national science foundation from across the country. These projects are in various fields, including medicine, aerospace, art and architecture, basic sciences, climate changes, agriculture and natural products and management. After sending the projects, they are evaluated in 21 research working groups.

The output of these projects is different and ranges from book and article publication to prototype construction. This year, researchers were committed to produce 129 prototypes, 55 of which have been successful.

Production of these products in different science areas will pave the path of knowledge-based economy more than before since this is the way to enter the society. Thinking and creative idea of innovative human resources is the support for each of these products. Moreover, support by centers such as the foundation facilitates the entrance and passing of this path for individuals.

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