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By the Help of the Second Version of Marine Technologies Roadmap of Iran;

Achieving the goals of marine development document of the country will be facilitated

Today, most organizations use their own roadmap to draw a bright future. The developed and industrial countries have determined their enhancement path in the form of basic and key industries, designing all programs, decisions and resource allocations based on the roadmap.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, the marine technologies development group has aimed to draw the roadmap of marine technologies since 2014 with the cooperation of all marine organizations and elites in order to prioritize technologies required in this field and achieve the objectives of marine development document of the country.

Therefore, after publishing the first version of the book in 2017, the second version of the book is published in 2019 after several studies and with the cooperation of elites and through correspondence with marine organizations. This book contains studies, measures, and administrative activities of the marine technologies development group in line with designing and implementing the marine technologies roadmap of the country.

In the first chapter of the book, the benefits, necessities, and background of the marine technologies roadmap and matching studies are presented.




Presenting the Potential Marine Capacities of the Country in Technology Field

The second chapter of the book discusses the current condition of the country and its international position in marine industries and technologies. Among these areas, we can refer to marine transportation, ship construction and repair, offshore industries, fisheries and relevant industries and marine science and technology. In this chapter, we have referred to the potential marine capacities of the country in various technology fields. At the end of this chapter, a summary of the studies performed in this area is presented, and the overall goals of marine development of the country are explained.

In the third chapter of the book, the higher-level documents of marine industries are evaluated, and the future of marine field on the 2021 vision plan has been predicted based on various scenarios. In the fourth chapter, the method of designing the roadmap and measures and activities performed are described based on administrative stages of roadmap adjustment.

After determining the goals and roadmap and ID of technology fields, eventually it is attempted to present a summary of studies performed in 20 various fields. 

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