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The Vice President for Science and Technology Affairs in a Meeting with Journalists on Fanavard Event:

Sanctions have not decreased the number of knowledge-based companies

The vice president for science and technology affairs stated: the number of companies has grown even in the current condition of sanctions against Iran, and it seems that sanctions have caused no barriers in this regard.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, asserted along with the visit of administrative process of recruitment test and in a meeting with journalists about the recruitment test of the private sector: currently, good things have happened in the area of human resources supply in companies, and startups are developing in this field.

He added: the recruitment test program, which was initiated last year, has had growth and development and has been able to create occupations for many youths.

Sattari pointed out that our goal is finding the talents and occupational opportunities for individuals in private companies. In this regard, he mentioned: this year, a greater number of youth will be recruited by private companies, which is very good.

Pointing out the prediction of recruitment of 10 thousand people in the market through recruitment test, asserting: these youths can have a great job career and work in private companies.

He mentioned the good capacity of knowledge-based companies for recruitment, adding: all of this test is managed by the private sector, and the process will not be intervened by the government. An innovation created from two years ago can be associated with economic and occupational development.

In terms of support of knowledge-based companies and startups by the Vice-Presidency, Sattari affirmed: the Vice-Presidency has supported accelerators, startups, and knowledge-based companies. However, we must know that most of these supports are not financial but spiritual supports of the ecosystem of the youth is the main goal of the headquarter.

Regarding sanctions against Iran, Sattari marked: fortunately, the number of knowledge-based companies has grown even with sanctions against Iran. While the sanctions have affected currency and economic issues, we have received acceptable achievements and followed up all relevant problems.

Sattari pointed out the issue of export, stating: export of knowledge-based companies is good, and we will definitely export products to neighboring countries and those in the southwest of Asia and will create export headquarters in the next year.

A Successful Startup Idea Has 10% Growth Every Week

In addition, Sattari attended the fourth Fanavard event, expressing: a good and successful startup idea must have a weekly growth of 10%. Otherwise, it has not been successful.

Mentioning successful startups in the country, Sattari claimed: there are startups with a weekly growth of 10% in the country, which can have a bright future and help the economy of the country.

According to Sattari, if an idea is creative, there will be willingness to invest in the idea.

He also declared: Fanavard is an example of a successful startup. It is strong and unique in the world and attempts to supply the specialized human resources for knowledge-based companies.

He continued: the main force of knowledge-based economy is human resources, and supply of this specialized force by a startup is admirable and unique.

He also mentioned: introducing 10,000 specialized human resources to knowledge-based companies in a year is an important issue and highly affects the youth and the country.

Sattari added: the capable workforce with the specialized knowledge is not easily found and has no replacement. Therefore, we must know the value of scientific and creative events.

The Fanavard competitions have been established since 2014 with the support of the knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter in the field of intelligence and by the efforts of a number of graduates and students of Sharif University. The main goal of the event is solving the problems of companies and organizations by experts and elites through the industry-university communication.

On the fourth round, Fanavard competitions were held in three main areas of management, ICT and creative industries (art).

It is worth noting that 15,000 and 14,000 and 600 people participated in the previous rounds of the event, respectively.

The second round of the recruitment test of the private sector was held in Tehran by the support of the knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter, institute of labor and social security, ministry of co-operation, labor and social welfare, and IRIB with the participation of 130,000 people.

This test will be held to use knowledge-based solutions and facilitate the work condition of the youth in the country through assessing specialized skills of individuals to industrial, business and technology companies.

The first round of the test was held in 2017 in the presence of 60,000, where a total of eight thousand and 200 people were introduced to companies for occupation.

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