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Sattari on Meeting with Marjas and Hawza Experts:

The spiritual and holy path of value creation is started by innovation

The spiritual and holy path of value creation is started by innovation

The vice president for science and technology affairs met with the Marjas and Hawza experts of Qom on the eve of the 40th anniversary of Islamic revolution of Iran and explained about the creation of added value through boosting knowledge-based businesses and the presence of Iran at the peak of innovation and knowledge of the region and the world.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Sorena Sattari, met with Ayatollah Shahrestani, Javadi Amoli, Safi Golpayegani, and Sobhani during his travel to Qom province. In this travel, he presented a report on the scientific progress of the country and development of knowledge-based economy in the 40th anniversary of victory of Islamic revolution.

In meeting with Ayatollah Shahrestani, the vice president for science and technology affairs pointed out the latest achievements in the field of knowledge-based and innovation, expressing: we now need a favorable environment to absorb and survive elites. Fortunately, today there is a space where the state should not rely on oil revenues and consider human capital as its most valuable asset.

Sattari continued: according to the Global Innovation Index, we are among the highest in terms of the human resources index. The creative young Iranian human capital is unique in the world. The younger generation transforms life every day with a new app, and selling of companies has transformed the body of society and the economy.

Ayatollah Shahrestani congratulated the 40th anniversary of Islamic revolution, confirming: we must thank the efforts made to keep the elite alive. We must use creativity as much as possible. If we can use superior talents, we can be successful. You can plan for these elites to stay in the country, and success depends on the human capital of the country.

He appreciated the activities of the Vice-Presidency in the field of science production and growth and attaining suitable global and regional ranks, claiming: science is excellence and we will win as much as we can to move knowledge and innovation, and we hope that with the efforts that have been made, the country will achieve the necessary success.

Value Creation of Knowledge-based Companies Is One of the Achievements of the Islamic Revolution

The president of the national elites foundation said noon prayers behind Ayatollah Javadi Amoli in the international science foundation. In meeting with Ayatollah Amoli, Sattari considered the progress of the knowledge-based economy with the creation of value added through innovation and the lack of dependence on the petroleum economy to be the fruit of the Islamic Revolution, explaining: today, the country has come to believe that the path to development from raw materials and reliance on the proceeding by the underground resources does not happen. Based on this, a new way of establishing value created by young and creative entrepreneurs has been designed.

Ayatollah Javadi Amoli congratulated the 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution of Iran and honored all efforts made to solve the problems of the country. In this regard, he stated: certainly we can solve the problems of the country in different areas by relying on religion. So, we must be careful not to lose that asset. Religion wants to live with dignity, even a mercenary is abominable in Islam. Religion does not want to just feed the human abdomen, but wants to protect human dignity. This religion will never allow others to be in need.

Support by Religious Marjas Will Solve the Problems of Innovative Activists

In meeting with Ayatollah Safi Golpayegani, the vice president for science and technology affairs expressed: we have tried to pave the way for the country"s prosperity by creating a favorable environment for the creative and educated youth of the country.

He continued: in this path, role playing of all parts of the society and spiritual support by Marjas will be extremely valuable and problem-solving.

Ayatollah Golpayegani congratulated the 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution of Iran and affirmed that the Islamic community must have rapid scientific progress so that the help of others is not needed. In this respect, he added: encouraging the elites and scientists and rewarding science and knowledge are among the religious duties, and you should consider yourself to be encouraged to motivate scientists and elites and students.

According to this honorable Marja, if elites and scholars are not encouraged and vice versa in society, those who are vindictive and unlawful are indicative of the degeneration of that society.

Special Attention to the Capacity of Human Resources and Religion in Knowledge-based Businesses

Sattari said evening prayers behind Ayatollah Sobhani at his office. In this meeting, he pointed out the religious capacities for creating honor and dignity for the country, claiming: we are trying to bring our religion and religious values to society, and these values are emerging in the lives of people. We are pursuing this by developing new science and technologies.

Sattari affirmed: attempts have been given to the creative industries and businesses of creative humans since the major part of value creation in the field of knowledge-based business is relying on this field.

Ayatollah Sobhani congratulated the 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution of Iran. Referring to the progress of research and technology in the country, he mentioned that all of this should be able to bring people together.

He emphasized the impossible nature of closing the cyberspace and importance of accurate monitoring of this space, explaining: consciousness has always contributed to the progress of the country. It must be used with the new knowledge and technologies and authority of the country. We do not agree to close the cyberspace, but it should be controlled.

Ayatollah Sobhani regarded the services of the Islamic republic in the past 40 years to be valuable.

He mentioned the harm done by the cyberspace, asserting: as for cyberspace, we never say it should be closed, and this is not practical at all. But, the government needs to be careful about the cyberspace and closely monitor it.

This marja pointed out: try to focus on technology and conscientiousness in work and high-quality products.

Emphasizing the importance of human resources, he added: attempts should be made to pay special attention to the humanities along with industry, as part of human needs are intellectual and intellectual needs.

Ayatollah Sobhani mentioned the issue of making science and research applicable, reminding: making research applicable requires considering academic dissertations and final theses since there is a huge budget dedicated to this area and sometimes we do not observe the necessary performance.

This Marja also expressed: half of our students in the country are female and their fields of study are not in accordance with the taste and needs of the community. Attempts must be made in this area. In addition, academic disciplines must be related to the needs of society.

He said that products are a sign of the culture of a society, expressing: try to evidently show the Islamic and Iranian culture in these products.

Ayatollah Sobhani asserted: respect for the elites and scientists and the creation of a suitable platform for the realization of their invention and their initiatives should be such that we do not have brain drain in the country.

At the end, he pointed out the issue of water shortage in the country, affirming: the Imams have emphasized avoiding waste and consumption greatly. Yet, I have never encountered the statements of these Imams in advertisements made for this issue.

Certainly, if advertising on avoidance of excessive consumption of water is carried out using the narrations and valuable words of Imams, it will be more effective. 

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