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The horizon for Patent Registration in Iran;

Iran is among the top countries of the world in terms of intellectual property

Iran is among the top countries of the world in terms of intellectual property

Since 2017, Iran has upgraded its rank 2-3 levels in the patent registration area each year. If this trend continues with this pace, Iran is among the top 25 countries in the world of intellectual property by 2021.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, one of the major activities of the patent center this year is the opening of the academy of education. The academy has been active since its inauguration to provide high-quality services to Iranian inventors. In addition, Center has also launched intellectual property offices at universities for the development of its activities, and this academy is responsible for organizing the activities of these offices.

Mahdi Zeyghami, manager of the patent association, explained more about the activities of the academy, expressing: training is one of the most important activities in intellectual property offices and the existence of this academy helps the offices to be well trained. On the one hand, the educational content is analyzed and executed for them, and in the end, the instructors will hold more up-to-date training courses. This year, the association has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Islamic Azad University, implementation of which will lead to growth of the number of intellectual property offices in two fold this year.

In another part of his speech, Zeyghami expressed the level of activities of the association in the current year, asserting: these activities increased up to 50% this year. In addition, the Intellectual Property Office has been launched in China. With this success, we are looking forward to starting cooperation with other countries next year and launching associations in these countries.

According to Zeyghami, Iran registered 117 patents in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (UAE) in 2017, which led to its ranking at level of 38 after the emirates. However, Iran was ranked 36 in 2018 by registering 157 patients, thereby passing the Emirates on this list. Therefore, if this trend is followed and each year, Iran"s position is 2-3 higher, then by 2012, we will be among the top 25 countries in the field of intellectual property.

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