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Sattari on Visit of Knowledge-based Companies of Qom:

Knowledge-based is on a flat path of improvement

Knowledge-based is on a flat path of improvement

The vice president for science and technology affairs expressed: knowledge-based companies are on the path to progress by eliminating all obstacles.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Sattari visited “Shokouhieh Industrial Town” as the first part of his travel to Qom province and was informed about the latest abilities of technology activists of the province.

In this meeting, he considered the path to prosperity and economic growth of the country to depend on knowledge and innovation among creative and native youth, expressing: the path of knowledge-based companies is separated from polluting, export, and traditional economies and industries. These companies are equipped with innovation and they will transform the faulty structure of economy with the same equipment.

According to the vice president for science and technology affairs, we can hope to have a knowledge-based economy when all parts of the society try to create a suitable environment for innovative businesses.

The president of the knowledge-based economy and culture-building technology development headquarter expressed that the country has found the way to successfully pass this path. In this regard, he mentioned: knowledge-based companies are on a flat route with no barriers after eliminating all obstacles.

Sattari continued: knowledge-based companies and startups expressed their problems in a meeting with the minister of economy, who has complete knowledge about this area.

The vice president for science and technology affairs marked the achievements made by knowledge-based companies and startups, claiming: we do not declare that these complete have no problems. We just say that they have made a lot of progress in the past few years and have dedicated extensively to the creation of a proper ecosystem for businesses. Fortunately, this has been currently realized.

Visit of Knowledge-based and Technological Units

Shokouhieh Industrial Town was the second place visited by the vice president for science and technology affairs. In this town Sattari was shown the latest technological achievements of some knowledge-based companies. He also opened discourse with activists of companies.


The knowledge based Company of Tosan Pharmaceuticals, manufacturer of pharmaceutical compounds and ingredients, Zist Fanavar Sabz, producer of organic fertilizers and organic seeds, Shimi Azarjam, manufacturer of glass lined, one of the most widely used equipment in the field of corrosive chemicals, Paya Press, producer of tables and equipment for the industries of electricity, oil, gas and petrochemicals, and Puya Karan Rad Co., which domesticizes precision machineries (cncs), and was one of the knowledge-based units visited By sattari and Governor of Qom.

Entrance of Knowledge-based to Market and Business

At the meeting of the Qom Technology Park by the vice president of science and technology, ideologues and the startups of the science and technology park introduced their ideas.

Qom Science and Technology Park, which has received more than 30 technological units in 2017, has been able to provide 10 companies and enter the commercial market.

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