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Food Industries Will Present Their Innovations

Food Industries Will Present Their Innovations


According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, the regional technomart of Razavi Khorasan Province (company of industrial towns of Razavi Khorasan Province) has aimed to hold the festival of food innovations in fall of 2018 with the cooperation of the national technomart of Iran and Fara Bourse Co. and with the support of the Vice-Presidency.

The topics of this festival include intellectual property market “food innovations”, top models of food startups, food formulation with the approach of organic and healthy food, production line machinery and packaging equipment, including nanotechnology and plasma.

“Food industry innovations” will be held with the goal of improving the index of innovation and developing the infrastructures via new methods, developing the culture of knowledge-based economy and enhancing technological interactions, an opportunity to prevent the exit of currency from the country, supporting the powerful domestic achievements, updating the capacity of products of industrial units, increasing the contracts concluded in the legal foundation regarding intellectual properties, recognizing and creating interactions between technologies, investors and industrialists, presenting professional services and counseling to both parties by the brokerage of technology exchange.

A part of facilities considered for the presence of innovators and inventors in the festival of intellectual property market of “food industries innovation” include the ability to commercialize inventions through joint investment, the ability to develop the market and grow the product manufacturing and use the managerial and production abilities of industrialists to create joint cooperation, a good opportunity for obtaining scores to facilitate the sale of technical knowledge and/or cooperate in the form of commercialization and the ability to attend B2B meetings.

“Food industry innovations” has special importance for investors and industrialists due to the use of a safe, legal and specialized foundation in the intellectual property market of Fara Bourse. Commercialization risks reduce innovation with market purchases. The company"s innovation portfolio develops and reduces the risk and cost of research and development. In addition, the company"s product lines will develop at a lower cost and time.


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