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Announced by the Chairman of Iran National Space Administration:

Defining international space projects to achieve economic achievements

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Manouchehr Manteghi pointed out the measures taken in the area of aerospace during the meeting of space document vision in the global space week, expressing: according to the vision of the country, the space economy of the country will increase from 2500 billion IRT to seven thousand billion IRT until 2026 and by commercialization of space technologies.

According to Manteghi, the comprehensive document of aerospace development was approved in 2012 by the higher council of cultural revolution. This document encompasses two 10-year programs from 2006 to 2015 and from 2016 to 2026 and follows seven goals to develop space technology in the country.

Manteghi added: in the second 10-year space program, development of space infrastructures and launching operational satellites are on the agenda of the administration. In addition, it is aimed to achieve production ability of satellites with the power of 700 kg for launching in the one thousand kilometer orbit of Iran.

He continued: in this regard, construction of 200-kg telecommunication satellites and remote sensing satellites is another goal of the second 10-year space vision plan of the country.

Chairman of Iran national space administration continued: design and construction of Safir 1 and 2 rockets for 60-km orbit of the earth and design and construction of Safir and Simorgh rockets were carried out in line with the first 10-year space program of the country.

Manteghi also asserted: during this time, we have been successful in terms of research satellites and have been able to construct 10 different research, telecommunication, and assessment satellites. From these satellites, three satellites have been successfully placed in the space and seven launches have failed.

According to Manteghi, implementation of the programs of the document and creation of space technology growth centers in the country means that the space economy share will reach seven thousand billion IRT by 2026.

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