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The third market of technology project investment was held


The third market of technology project investment was held with the support of Pardis Technology Park and by the efforts of the commercialization center in the infrastructural and energy, health and information technology fields.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, financial resource constraints, time-consuming and difficult nature of the process of obtaining bank loans and risk of technology projects are among the issues that have increased the focus on venture capitals more than ever. Due to being faced with new markets and technologies, technology and knowledge-based companies always have high-risk designs.

On the other hand, technology and knowledge-based companies lack the adequate financial support to meet their financial needs most of the times. This leads to the destruction of projects that would be considerably successful in case of presence of financial resources. Therefore, presence of venture capitals in the business market of knowledge-based and technology companies will lead to the growth of new ideas and projects emerged from the heart of companies.

In this regard, the commercialization center has aimed to recognize projects that can be developed by adding a venture capital. One of the approaches of this center is holding the market of technology project investment with the title of techno-west.

Since 2016, the database of investors has been formed and their necessary information has been collected. After the recognition of investors via different methods, including presence in exhibitions (e.g., INOTEX and KISH INOTEX), the investors were classified into different areas based on their profession. Currently, the database of investors exist and can be used for investment events.

After announcements made on this issue in the Park, 15 projects were evaluated, seven of which were selected due to their capacity and preparedness for investment attraction.


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