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The Vice President for Science and Technology Affairs on Visit of Knowledge-based Companies and Technological Units of Golestan:

Innovation is the moving engine of new and domestic industries


The vice president for science and technology believes that the development of innovation of the province requires the connection between industrial capacities and innovation of creative and educated human resources.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs stated on visit of technology units of Golestan Province: given the climatic condition of Golestan Province, it can be considered as the pole of science and technology of the region in the area of biotechnology.

The vice president for science and technology affairs pointed out the capacities of the province in the area of tourism and agriculture, expressing: despite its distance from a favorable point of knowledge, this province has good companies in the form of industrial towns that can be turned into innovative industries if combined with innovation.

Head of the national elites foundation emphasized the necessity of culture building on maintaining the creative and domestic human resources, affirming: the culture of maintaining the domestic and creative human resources of the province must come from the society members. Therefore, special attention must be paid to the remaining of creative youth in the province. In addition, the proper foundation must be laid for the development of creativity, innovation and technologies of these individuals in the province.

The president of the knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter regarded the presence of a proper business environment and adequate human resources as priorities higher than financial infrastructures.

Visit of Technology Units and Macro Technology Projects of the Province

The vice president for science and technology affairs visited the achievements of Aria Tina Gene Co., learning about the process of competition of the innovation accelerator of this knowledge-based company.

The goal of this company is turning Golestan Province into the pole of biotechnology of the country by production of antimicrobial recombinant drugs, antibodies, anti-diabetes, coagulation, nerves and digestion.

This knowledge-based company has laid the groundwork for occupation of 84 people with mean degree of MSc, from whom 15 have PhD. Production of one drug by this knowledge-based company has led to the saving of 42 million euros for the country.

Production of modern insulin and commercialization of products of technological units of the province in the area of biotechnology and cellular and molecular technologies are among the goals of the accelerator of this company with the cooperation of scientific and academic centers of the province.

Visit of a Knowledge-based Company in the Area of Livestock Productions

Sattari also visited the Roshd Daneh Pharmaceutical Company of Gorgan as one of the pharmaceutical companies and producers of animal medicines.

Ability of Producing a Minimum of Three Thousand Tons of Modified Seed by a Knowledge-based Company

Visit of Tolid Paydar Zist Farayand Knowledge-based Company, which is able to produce more than 14 types of modified wheat seeds and above three thousand tons of wheat seed, is another part of this provincial travel.

Visit of a Capable Company in Production of Metal Processing Machines

Sattari also visited the Pars Baft Golestan knowledge-based Co. that produces different types of automatic fence-making machines. This company is capable of empowering the country in production of fence of wire compactor fabrication machines, providing the condition for earning incomes and creating domestic occupations.

Production of Laboratory Coolers and Equipment with Domestic Technical Knowledge

During this travel, the knowledge-based Fajr Research Company that produces low-temperature coolers and laboratory equipment with domestic technical knowledge was visited.

In this visit, the ability of this technological company in production of laboratory coolers at various sizes and temperatures below 65°C was expressed by the CEO of this technological unit based in Golestan Province.

According to this report, Sattari was accompanied by Seyed Monaf Hashemi, governor of Golestan, Esmaeil Ghaderifar, head of the strategic technologies development center, Peyman Salehi, deputy of innovation and technology commercialization, and Ali Vatani, advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs.


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