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News > Promotion of consuming Iranian products is support of future of students.

Minister of Education:

Promotion of consuming Iranian products is support of future of students.

Promotion of consuming Iranian products is support of future of students.


Bathaei stated: consuming Iranian products in families will be associated with economic development of the country and will create a bright future for the country and these students.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs quoted by the news headquarter of the second national festival of “Made in Iran”, Seyed Mohammad Bathaei, minister of education, regarded the role of the ministry important in the culture building for prominent Iranian products in an interview with this headquarter. With regard to the adding of the student section to the festival, he expressed: culture building at the time will definitely have more effects on the students. On the other hand, students are ambassadors for promotion of consuming Iranian products among their own families. Therefore, schools play a significant role in using Iranian products since the proper space has been provided for them.

Bathaei continued: consuming Iranian products in families will lead to economic development in the country and a bright future will be created for country and these students. In this regard, the ministry has designed various programs to support Iranian products. These programs include holding cultural and art competitions with the topic of supporting Iranian products, and holding various exhibitions in schools to encourage and support Iranian products. However, topics related to national production and culture of using Iranian products as a unit for educational curriculum of schools is being followed up. These actions are performed in line with determining proper consumption pattern and purchasing of domestically products and services to students.

The minister of education also regarded the role of the “Made in Iran” festival in the promotion of use of domestic products significantly effective, expressing: nevertheless, encouraging people to buy Iranian products will build the culture for increasing competitiveness in these products to create new occupation opportunities for the youth in the country.

Pointing out the formation of a public movement for support of domestically produced products, he claimed: we need to create a feeling in customers so that they would condemn purchasing foreign products. Therefore, extensive efforts must be dedicated to introducing Iranian products in the area of advertisement. Any action performed in this regard must be supported by all organizations.

The 12th round of the international festival of 100-second movies supports Iranian products in its especial section of “Made in Iran”. In addition, support of Iranian production (made in Iran), support of production of Iranian knowledge-based products and services, culture of production of high-quality Iranian products, national scouting and popular support of high-quality Iranian knowledge-based products and services, destructive effects of purchasing foreign products, excessive and illegal import (smuggling goods), introducing new businesses and startups, wealth creation from science and technology and introducing the knowledge-based economy are the main topics of the event.


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