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With the Support of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology Affairs;

It will be possible to intelligently present services to knowledge-based companies

It will be possible to intelligently present services to knowledge-based companies


In order to lay the groundwork for interaction on introducing the active elements in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Iran, the possibility of bilateral interaction between knowledge-based companies and private and government organizations will be provided.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, the society of knowledge-based companies, which includes a wide range of domestic companies, is a considerable target market for companies that provide specialized services. On the other hand, knowledge-based companies need these services to develop their business in order to be able to focus on their main activities. Over the previous coordination, it is possible to inform about these services through the Naghshup System and applicants of services can send their requests to this system.

In this system, Iranian startups can be introduced and startups are classified in 12 main categories of online shops, Fintech, lifestyle, tools and services, advanced technologies, media, game and virtual world, education, information, social networks and communications, travel, displacement and software.

In addition, governmental and private organizations can help the growth and development of knowledge-based companies and startups. Lack of knowledge about these units can impose huge costs on these companies. On the other hand, the industry activists and founders of knowledge-based companies and startups have an insufficient time for monitoring active elements in the ecosystem of entrepreneurship around them. In the ecosystem of entrepreneurship, these units are introduced in eight categories of policy-making, financial supply, sponsorship, human resources, market, infrastructure, research, development, and culture.

It is notable that knowledge-based companies can enter the daneshbonyan code in the reagent ID during registration on the website to benefit from a 30% discount.

According to this report, startup, units providing specialized services, contents or counseling to startups can express their demand or use the services through


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