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With the Support of Energy Technologies Development Headquarter;

The summit on business and renewable energy technology transfer will be held


Along with holding the INOTEX 2018 exhibition, a summit will be held on business and transfer of D8 technology in the area of renewable energies.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, this meeting was held in the presence of companies active in the area of renewable energies and with the cooperation of energies technologies development headquarter and secretariat of D8 technology transfer network of Pardis technology park. In addition to Iranian technology companies, companies and representatives from technology transfer offices of D8 member countries will attend this summit. Some of the main goals of this event is providing an opportunity for technology transfer in this field, presenting the abilities and achievements of companies and creating interactions between active companies of the field.

In addition, a panel will be held with the title of “role of SMEs and startups in transfer of technology in the area of renewable energies”. In addition, the meeting for presenting the achievements of attending companies and B2B negotiations between the companies are among the other programs of the event.

The commercial and technology transfer meeting will be held July 8th 2018 along with the INOTEX 2018 exhibition in Boustan Goftogoo in Tehran.

According to this report, the first summit was hosted by Bangladesh last year on biotechnology. This year, this meeting will be held in Tehran on the topic of renewable energies along with the INOTEX 2018. The technology exchange and transfer network of D8 has been established with the goal of facilitation and quick access to technology information of member countries and laying the groundwork for technological exchange and cooperation based on a dynamic portal as the infrastructure of the network. Members of this network include Indonesia, Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, and Nigeria.


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