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Familiarization of Managers of Qazvin Industrial Towns with Nanotechnology Capacities


During am meeting held in the nanotechnology development headquarter, managers of Qazvin industrial towns with nanotechnology capacities were familiarized with domestic capabilities of this field.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, in line with industrial promotion and introduction of domestic nanotechnology capabilities, applications, products and equipment, a meeting was held for managers of industrial towns of Qazvin province to exchange opinions about joint cooperation fields.

In the beginning of the meeting, the manager of the working group of promotion and culture building pointed out the high capacity of nanotechnology in solving industrial problems and emphasized the bilateral knowledge of the headquarter and industries about the needs and solutions that are present in the country. He also explained about the mechanisms applied by nanotechnology development headquarter to industrially develop nanotechnology in the form of the second 10-year document.

He mentioned the presence of important industrial towns, such as Alborz industrial town, as the oldest industrial town of the Middle East, or the Caspian Industrial Town with the title of the center for technological centers and the main business clinic centers and talked about the industrial fields in Qazvin province and emphasized the necessity of promotion and culture building for using nanotechnology in industries to improve products and eliminate industrial problems.

In the end, the attendees visited the nano achievements exhibition at the location of nanotechnology development headquarter. Some of these products and equipment are in fields of medicine, automotive, staining, building, composite, polymer and textures with nanoscale license. Some of the nanotechnology products that are mentioned in the book of nanotechnology products have been created by the companies based in the industrial towns of Qazvin.


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