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Presence of Four Nano Companies in Automobile Exhibition in Indonesia


The international exhibition of auto parts of INAPA was held in Jakarta, Indonesia on March 22nd-24th, 2018. The auto parts exhibition of Jakarta is the largest international trade location of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in the industry of automobile. This event is a gathering and market for international producers and supplies to present the latest auto parts, accessories, tools, technologies and technological methods to the audiences and professional repairers from across the Asia and other countries.

The nanotechnology development headquarter has aimed to penetrate into the automobile industry of the country, supporting knowledge-based technologists and companies in this area. Therefore, this headquarter attended the exhibition by four technological companies. This exhibition was held in Jakarta during March 22nd-24th, 2018.

These companies displayed their products in various areas. In addition to the exhibition, they held workshops to introduce their nanotechnology products. In addition, presence in this specialized exhibition provided an opportunity to meet with counterparts in spare-manufacturing companies and Astra Co., the largest automobile-manufacturing enterprise in the country. Moreover, the nanotechnology development headquarter strives to establish an office in Indonesia, similar to China, as the export headquarter for nano products. The preliminaries of this task have been provided with regard to the goal of earning two percent of nano market until 2020.

With annual production of one million and 200 thousand automobiles, Indonesia is the largest automobile-manufacturing country in south east of Asia after Thailand. Therefore, the large market of Indonesia can be a proper platform for knowledge-based products of Iran in various areas, including auto parts and accessories. This business event is an appropriate place for attracting buyers and relevant individuals from the whole chain of automobile industry, including automobile manufacturers and distributors, repair workshops and automobile services centers.


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