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By Cognitive Sciences and Technologies Development Headquarter;

Brain and cognition reached the third house


According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, in the new issue of this journal, projects and programs that are being implemented and the goals of the cognitive sciences development headquarter are described and reports are presented on memory clinics, brain and cognition clinics, national competition of brain knowledge and student competition of cognitive neurosciences. This journal is provided for enthusiasts of the field of cognitive sciences and researchers of this area.

Holding the fourth round of the “Hayat Khalvat” competition with the objective of familiarization of students with basic and fundamental concepts of neurocognitive sciences, cognition cinema, subjective memory from dream to reality, mind from error to cognition, introducing some cognitive errors and their impact on our daily life, mirrors in brain, introducing the thesis of manufacturing a domestic model of single-neural signal-recording amplifier and evaluation of cognitive education in meeting of managers of education are some of the issues mentioned in the most recent issue of this journal.

Speeches of Kamal Kharazi, secretary of cognitive technologies and sciences development headquarter, in the conference of brain and cognition in Isfahan, which covered the necessity of strengthening interdisciplinary studies in the country and encouraging researchers to conduct research in the field of cognitive science and technology are published in this journal as well.

The closing ceremony of the fourth round of student cognitive neuroscience competitions (second round of Ghotbi competitions) is another topic covered by this issue, for which Dr. Kharazi has regarded a bright future due to the presence of creative students in this field.

In the latest issue of the scientific, educational and news journal of brain and cognition, motivational support of MSc and PhD theses in the area of cognitive sciences and support of top projects of summers schools are explained. In addition, interesting contents are presented, such as intellectual memory from dream to reality and economic Nobel in the hands of behavioral economists.

Holding the association of student scientific associations union of psychology of counseling and educational sciences of the country with the support of cognitive sciences and technologies development headquarter, holding the fourth round of the international test of brain knowledge in Iran and interview with the authorities of brain and cognition clinic on the activities of this specialized center have been included in this issue.

Various reports, notes, news and interviews have also been published in the third issue of brain and cognition monthly journal.

The scientific, educational and news journal of brain and cognition is published with the cognitive sciences and technologies development headquarter as the concessioner of the journal.


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