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News > The ability for supply of marine needs of the country depends on trusting in the youth.

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Emphasized by the Head of Marine Industries Organization of Ministry of Defense along with Unveiling Two Achievements in Mashhad:

The ability for supply of marine needs of the country depends on trusting in the youth.


According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, our youth have entered the important and knowledge-based marine areas, which contain complicated products, and have been able to design and produce proper equipment. Our country has the ability to meet several marine needs without the necessity of currency exit.

Amir Rastegari, head of the marine industries organization of ministry of defense, stated that creation of the system of removable drive shaft with 1800 horse power of fast crafts has currency saving of two billion IRR in each system, compared to the similar foreign counterparts during the unveiling ceremony of two new achievements of the ministry of defense in Mashhad, asserting: this system increases the maneuver and speed of crafts by 30% and reduce fuel consumption by 25%.

He also pointed out that design and creation of this system took 18 months, affirming: this system can be installed on all types of crafts and ships, and its control is completely digital and has the ability to be connected to the central control computer in order to monitor and save information.

Rastgari continued: military and civilian floats that are equipped with this system can move in salt-water seas for many years without becoming corroded, and all data on the corrosion of the floats will be recorded and controlled in black box.

Head of the marine industries organization of the ministry of defense mentioned the experience of producing brushless motors that can be used in surface and underwater floats, affirming: we have been able to design and product brushless motors, which can be applied in coolers and light vehicles. In addition to reducing energy consumption by 30%, these motors can help improve air pollution, especially in metropolises.

He emphasized the high-quality production of this motor, stating: according to motor-producing companies, these motors, that are being operationally tested, are more efficient, compared to Chinese counterparts, in terms of cost and quality.


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