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Will Be Realized in a Scientific Event by the National Brain Mapping Laboratory;

Recognition of importance of radiology in brain mapping

“Importance of radiology in brain mapping” is the title of a symposium, which will be held by the national brain-mapping laboratory to witness the promotion of cognitive sciences in brain mapping field among radiologists and exchange information among researchers of this field.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, the national brain-mapping laboratory will hold the first symposium of “importance of radiology in brain mapping” with the cooperation of Iranian radiology association. Promotion of cognitive sciences in the area of brain mapping among radiologists and update and exchange of knowledge among researchers, faculty members, students and technologists of this field are among the goals of holding this event.

Moreover, prominent professors of imaging field were invited to present lectures on radiology and brain mapping and importance of interactions between these two areas. This symposium has a retraining benefit for participants, and all radiologists, radiology residents and other related groups can register for this event.


The symposium of “importance of radiology in brain mapping” will be held February 17th 2018 in the location of the national brain-mapping laboratory. For more information, please refer to the website of the laboratory with the address of 

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