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Deputy for Management and Resources Development Headquarter Announced:

Providing 600 guarantees in the knowledge-based area and venture capitals

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Alireza Daliri, the deputy for management and resources development headquarter, pointed out the current condition of issuing guarantees in the country in a scientific meeting on exchange of successful experience of valid guarantees in South Korea, stating: to date, some measures have been taken to support this activity in the area of knowledge-based and specialized sections of the country. In this regard, the research and technology section has the responsibility to issue guarantees and has been allocated some duties by the government. Fortunately, the issuance of guarantees has had a significant growth in the path few months.

Daliri continued: with the previous attempts, about 600 guarantees have been issues in the first months of the year for projects related to knowledge-based and venture capitals. This number is indicative of structural modification of issuance of guarantees in the country and interaction with other countries to learn about their successful exchange experiences, which can provide the foundation for development in this section.

He also mentioned that the main focus in the country is on modern technologies, asserting: during a middle-term period, we aimed to focus on knowledge-based economy. This is mainly due to the fact that by predicting the creation of supportive infrastructures for knowledge-based projects and pathologies in the license issuance section, we have been able to evaluate and interaction other countries with similar conditions.

Deputy for management and resources development headquarter also pointed out the activities performed by the Vice-Presidency in the financial supply section, expressing: evaluation of activities in guarantee issuance section of Japan and Korea was associated with realization of differences in this part and eliminating the problems in the country.

He regarded the presence of a higher-ranking organization for coordination and establishment of joint models in the section of guarantee issuance of the country to be significantly important, expressing: presence of a specialized bank in the country to support small businesses is crucial since the main focus in this area will be definitely on SMESs and large companies that have less supportive guarantees.

During the meeting, deputy of guarantee fund of South Korea evaluated the SME condition of the country, importance of SMEs in the nation and economic condition of these companies in South Korea.


According to this report, the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs held a one-day meeting with the title of exchange of successful experiences of guarantee issuing in South Korea with the cooperation of the support fund of South Korea (kodit) in line with the joint agreement with the mentioned country in knowledge-sharing system. 

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