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News > Supply of domestic knowledge-based products in virtual shops is initiated.

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Supply of domestic knowledge-based products in virtual shops is initiated.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, the first gathering of knowledge-based companies which produce B2C products, with the approach of electronic business will be held with the support of Pardis Technology Park, national science foundation and the largest virtual shop of Iran. The aim of this event was to increase the amount of knowledge-based products used by the public from one hand, and creation of a foundation and vast market for knowledge-based products of these companies on the other hand.

Akbar Ghanbarpour, head of national technomarket of Iran, introduced B2C products, stating: a huge volume of knowledge-based products are used on a national level, and the majority of their customers are the government or industries. Meanwhile, 8-9% of knowledge-products, which are manufactured by companies and are publically used by society members, are B2C products. Therefore, we aimed to educate companies and support their products to expand their market.

Head of national technomarket of Iran pointed out the topics of this gathering, expressing: in this gathering, in addition to describing the weaknesses of selling domestic knowledge-based products in the country, companies will be familiarized with the process of online shopping and virtual shops. In addition, a part of this meeting is dedicated to presenting successful stories of electronic marketing for B2C products.

In terms of number of registered companies and products, he explained: after the announcement of the call for this project last year, more than 220 products have been registered by more than 50 knowledge-based companies in the system. After the evaluation of the products and companies, 90 products have been approved.


This meeting will be held on May 21st 2017 at the flourishing knowledge-based companies complex in Kordestan Street at 13:00-17:00. Attendance of the meeting is free of charge for all companies with knowledge-based products.

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