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Given its mission in the field of international cooperation in science and technology and with the aim of introducing some of the country’s technological capabilities and technology diplomacy development, the Deputy for International Affairs and Technology Exchange affiliated to Vice Presidency for Science and Technology has prepared the book of “Science and Technology in Iran: A Brief Review” with cooperation of its associated councils in August 2017. It contains several sections including history and background, policies and strategies, capacities and capabilities (human resources, scientific productivity, products and achievements), and authorities in different technology areas:


Iran at a Glance 



Stem Cell Technology 

Cognitive Sciences 

Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medicine 

Information and Communication Technology 

Cultural and Creative Industries 


Aviation Technology 

Marine Industries 

Water, Draught, Erosion, and Environment Technologies 

Conventional Energies (Oil & Gas) 

Renewable Energies 

 full pdf version of the book




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