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Sattari on Visit of New Achievements of SAIPA:

Innovations of knowledge-based businesses will lay the foundation for improvement of industries.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, visited the research and innovation center of SAIPA automaker company and expressed that the entrance of important industries, such as automaker industries, to the area of startups will lead to economic growth of the country. In this regard, he added: entrance of large industries, such as vehicles, as the sponsor and investor in innovative and creative business areas can lay the foundation for their evolution.

He emphasized the necessity of entrance of innovation into industry, expressing: automakers must be linked to innovative, flexible and dynamic businesses and define new models for providing better services.

Various Interaction Areas for Industries and Knowledge-based Companies

Sattari also pointed out the successful samples of interactions between knowledge-based companies and industries, affirming: today, businesses in areas of urban transport, cargo and interurban transportations are good foundations that can provide better services for the community with the support and investment of industries, such as automakers.

He added: many of the industries in the country have experienced significant developments by attracting and using knowledge-based businesses and startups and can find their place in the new economic ecosystem of the country. The new startups are dynamic and innovative and can develop the structure of previous industries and businesses.

Improvement of Startups with the Help of Academics

President of the national elites foundation stated that change in the current economic approach and moving toward a creative and knowledge-based economy are necessity for the improvement of the country. In this regard, he continued: accepting the mistakes of the current economic approach and turning toward new models of industry is a great turning point in our economy, for which the Vice-Presidency has provided serious supports.


President of the knowledge-based economy, technology and science development headquarter also conveyed that formation of knowledge-based businesses and creative startups is a leap realized by change of approaches with the help of young graduated academics. In this respect, he asserted: this approach is being realized in universities of the country, in a way that growth of new businesses around Sharif University of Technology and other universities by students and professors demonstrate that the culture of these businesses come from the heart of universities and involve all sections of the society. 

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