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Departments Plans

Plans of the department of policy-making and strategic assessment 2014-2015


1- Partnership in compilation of the rulings needed for the country in the fields related to the missions of the scientific and technological department of presidential office within the framework of the sixth plan (science and technology topic/ role of science and technology in other topics of the plans) with the aim of improving the operational capacities of the sixth plan in the field of science, technology and innovation

2- Cooperation to activate the knowledge-based economic committee of the Supreme National Security Council competent with the missions of the scientific and technological department of presidential office in line with using the capacities of the institutions beyond the governmental bodies in pursuing these missions

3- Conceptualizing and compiling the needed policies and plans in the resistance economy compatible with the missions on the scientific and technological department of presidential office

4- Helping the compiling and expurgating the laws (the needed and existing) in the country in the field of science, technology and innovation in the prioritized fields (with emphasis on two fields of internal production and the financial system of science and technology) with the aim of legitimizing the efficient paths of development of science, technology and innovation 

5- Facilitating the design and development of the national future foresight plan to create consensus and coordination in the views of those responsible and proposing the strategic policies

6- network-making of the existing research centers and think-tanks or creating new needed cases with the aim of collecting staffs for the prudence and hope government, synergy of activities and deepening of the national content capacity

7- Helping the organization of the intellectual and industrial property system to improve the legal infrastructures of the science and technology system

8- Facilitating the designing and implementing the match-making system of technological supply and demand 

9- Partnership in the establishment of the integrated national system for the assessment of research, technology and innovation with the aim of integration of the information streams in this field 

10- Designing assessment learner patterns in the SIS system with the aim of using the knowledge overflow of the leading industries

11- Helping the formation of TIS system with the emphasis in the role of the headquarters for the development of the strategic technologies

12- Analyzing the results of the technological and innovative policies (with the emphasis on the law of using home-made goods and the knowledge-based companies law) 

13- Assessing the social and cultural effects of the development of technology and innovation in the field of special technologies 

14- Holding specialized seminars in the field of technological and innovation policy-making in line with conformity of the thinking streams in this field and using the constructive views in promoting the desired policies

15- Partnership in compiling and providing periodical reports of the scientific and technological department of presidential office with the aim of providing timely report on the promotion of activities

16- Pursuing the intersystem agreements to implement them based on the macro policies of science and technology

17- Facilitating the news streams of science, technology and innovation at the national and international levels

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