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Daliri on the Closing Ceremony of Stock Exchange Star League:

The fundamentals of knowledge-based economy can be formed in the capital market

The fundamentals of knowledge-based economy can be formed in the capital market


According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Alireza Daliri, deputy for management development and resources, pointed out the joint activities between the capital market and technology area of the country from one hand and formation of the foundation for activities of venture capitals from the other hand by the Vice-Presidency on the closing ceremony and prize giving of the first stock exchange star league, stating: stock exchange must be developed on the foundation of new technologies. In this regard, proper activities have been performed by the stock exchange organization and the Vice-Presidency to receive ideas from a number of basic sciences and move toward the flourishing of stock exchange area.

Establishment of Idea Stock Exchange

Deputy for management development and resources mentioned some examples of achievements of interactions between these two areas in another part of his statements, affirming: establishment of idea stock exchange is one of the best contracts concluded between the technology organization and stock exchange organization of Iran. In this regard, 30 deals have been made so far and 300 ideas have been followed up. This is a rare incident in the global stock exchanges.

Establishment of Venture Capitals

Daliri also explained about the establishment of venture capitals, mentioning: establishment of venture capitals has come to a great point, where about 15 funds have been able to achieve certificates and a number have signed up for it.

Establishment of the Main Fund

In another part of his speech, Daliri mentioned that without a doubt, processes would be completed in this field. He continued: the activities of venture capitals are no exception, and the bugs in their daily activities must be eliminated. In this regard, stock exchange activists must find a solution to reduce the problems and the fund would be able to receive the necessary certificates as the main fund to financially support venture capitals and provide the condition for financial supply of project through the high-level fund. 

Board of Knowledge-based Companies and SME

Daliri explained about other joint measures taken by the Vice-Presidency and the stock exchange cooperation of Iran: the board of knowledge-based companies is an appreciable event performed in the cooperation with the stock exchange market of Iran and brokerages. In this regard, the Vice-Presidency determined that a number of knowledge-based companies that have revenues of over 10 billion rials and but lack a proper financial foundation will be introduced to these brokerages so that in the end, we would witness the turning of the stock exchange of Iran into the stock exchange working in the area of knowledge-based and high-tech.

In the end, deputy for management development and resources emphasized the formation of the economy of the country as a knowledge-based economy, asserting: there is no doubt that continuation of such cooperation can motivate the youth to work for the economy. In addition, the country is fully prepared to design new projects in the field of technology with the cooperation of stock exchange organization.


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