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News > The second meeting of D-8 technology investment will be held in Tehran

By the Efforts of the D-8 Technology Transfer Network;

The second meeting of D-8 technology investment will be held in Tehran

The second meeting of D-8 technology investment will be held in Tehran


The second meeting of D-8 technology investment (Next Up) will be held in Tehran by the efforts of Pardis Technology Park as the secretariat of Technology Transfer & Exchange Network (D-8) this December 2018 in Pardis Technology Park.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Mahdi Safarinia, head of Pardis Technology Park and secretary of D-8 technology transfer network announced: the technology investment meeting of D-8 was held by Pardis technology park as the manager of the network, which has been established since 2016. By holding the first round of this meeting in December, holding a series of technology investment meetings between companies was officially initiated. 

Regarding this meeting, he stated: the second meeting will be held to introduce investment opportunities of startups and new companies to investors. In this regard, the projects with the potential of being invested in other countries from one hand and enthusiastic investor from the other hand will be invited to attend the meeting.

He continued: similar to the first round, discourse and discussion and centralized lectures on today’s topics about investment in countries and educational workshop have been on the agenda of the program. In addition to the projects with the potential to be invested in, startups will be introduced to investors and we hope that one of the best recruitment events will occur within the framework of this meeting.

In terms of registration and participation in the meeting, Safarinia expressed: startups of the country that are members of the D-8 organization, as well as active startups from all Islamic countries can introduce their innovative business plans to investors in this meeting. In addition, registration and invitation of investors from member countries and other countries with the potential of cooperation will be carried out.

In the end, Safarinia reminded: the audience of this meeting is venture capitals, angles, enthusiastic technology companies for investment in startups, growth centers, accelerators and entrepreneurs of startups and innovators of various technology fields. These individuals can refer to the website of the meeting with the address of to obtain information about the details of the event.

It is notable that the technology exchange and transfer network is the first technology investment meeting (TIM) on cooperation of venture capitals and members of D-8 organization in the presence of more than 40 venture capitals from eight countries. With regard to the planning, the second meeting will be held by adding the topic of presentation of investment opportunities by startup companies with the name of Next Up targeting all Islamic countries.


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