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With the Support of the Biotechnology Development Headquarter;

The booth of healthy products of Iran was held in AgroFood


The booth of healthy products of Iran was held in AgroFood 2018 with the support of the biotechnology development headquarter.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, the booth of healthy products of Iran was held with the support of the biotechnology development headquarter during June 29th-July 2nd, 2018 on the 25th international exhibition of agricultural industries, food, machinery and relevant industries (Iran AgroFood) at the permanent location of international exhibitions of Tehran.

This booth was able to introduce healthy products to the audience. The companies of Gene Bank of Iran, Asianick, Jungle, Kamvar, and Giti Ajhan Pardis Co. showcased their achievements in this booth.

The main goals of the healthy product network include determining the health indicators and ratings, exporting and tracking agricultural products and food in the supply chain of healthy products by members, creating a trusted network of collaboration between institutions, private companies, and governmental and non-governmental institutions to promote the health of the country, and increasing the capacity and efficiency of production and distribution of healthy products by developing innovative and collective activities benefiting the country from health-related technologies and privately owned private companies in the supply chain of agricultural products.

In addition, fourteenth committees were presented on the basis of a healthy product network model, and various companies were voluntarily and, according to their nature, joined the committees. These committees include market committee (advertisement, marketing and domestic sale), finance and insurance committee, network productivity promotion committee, interception and authentication committee, inspection and certification committee, commodity and logistics committee, packaging and stock industry committee, commerce and export committee, committee for promotion and culture, committee on recycling and environment, committee for the coordination of associations and foundations, committee of input producers, committee on agricultural producers and committee producers of food products.


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