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Now, the Legends

Now, the Legends

Parviz Karami

It seems that all people of the world have accepted that “the thought for the future” will not grow without “a look at the past”. Given the fact that science is the “art of life”, it is affirmed that we must think and act artistically during this time of advancement. Therefore, depending on the past is not degrading and they must be only used to paint the future. Legends have been formed from the dreaming conscience of mankind, which has made them lasting. As far as it can be claimed, the today’s condition would not be the same without the legends.

Furthermore, creativity and innovation are very common in the current century, one of the resources of which is the past and relevant legends without a doubt. Therefore, as long as people use innovation, they go back to learn about the legends. However, the sweet nature of this condition has simplified problems, and as observed, everything moves toward beautification and aesthetic transformation. Technology is constantly inspired by the nature, which sometimes induces its secrets to mankind.

The dreamy integration of these communications has been entitled “animation” in today’s world. In this regard, legends are constantly renovated and reborn, help the people and go back to history victoriously. In this negative curvature, where artists go back to the past, dreams, desires, wishes, belongings, experiences, and creativities of the people emerge and make life more artistic.

In a way, it is unjust to overlook this field. On the other hand, connection of the hard and soft aspects of technology depends on the impact of the culture of a society on its industry. In other words, the soft and hard technologies must correspond with each other in terms of central core connection so that they could both have a texture and positive effectiveness. Lack of such correspondence leads to the failure of industrial projects in any society. In this respect, failure does not mean lack of leading to observational results. In fact, it means that the observational results fail to enter the concrete aspect of the society.

Therefore, it is clear that the dialectic of cultural and industrial components can be recognized as important areas of studies on humanities. Meanwhile, the legends and myths of a culture play a fundamental role in the formation of consistency and continuity of cultural elements. As such, the remaining of the animation industry depends on its appropriateness and connection to the knowledge of mythology in a special culture and society. This issue is dedicated to the approach and re-citing of legends in Animation Industry of Iran since we are sure about the large capacity of drawing our ancient legends in new picture frames. Where is this ensurance coming from? A glance at the ancient stories of Iran reveals everything.

Advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs and secretary of knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter.

Knowledge-based Journal, Special Issue of application of humanities and social sciences, the soft and identity-making technologies development headquarter, 4th issue




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