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Goals and Plans

The international affairs and technological exchange department

The department was established with the aim of providing the ground for increasing the scientific, technological and innovative relations with other countries and also achieving a specified and considerable position in the regional and international trade of the knowledge-based products.

To this end, the international affairs and technological exchange department is responsible for policy-making and planning for coordination among other units of the scientific and technological department of presidential office on the international activities and also other scientific, technological and innovative centers within and outside the country.

Studying the obstacles and policy-making to remove them in creating scientific, technological and innovative relations, reaching the effective methods in creating relations and increasing exports, identifying the internal and foreign centers and organizations, assessing the existing capacities to enter the scientific arena and the international markets, presenting supports and persuasion, inking contracts and Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) and supervising their implementation, policy-making in the field of science and technology diplomacy, creating the necessary infrastructures to exchange technology and rendering the related services, … are among the policies of the the international affairs and technological exchange department.


The office of development of international business

Growth and development of the exports of knowledge-based goods and services is among the goals of the international affairs and technological exchange department which needs identification of the capacities of the internal technological companies and the international markets.

Identifying the capable knowledge-based companies and their persuasion and considering supportive packages, creating a sound competition environment among the manufacturing companies and their presence in the specialized international exhibitions and exchanging the trade delegations to introduce and present the country’s technological products will pave a proper ground for the expansion of the exporting activities.


Technology diplomacy office

The science and technology diplomacy has grown today to the extent that it has affected the countries’ foreign policies. Therefore, its consolidation to develop the technological cooperation with other countries is among the policies of the international affairs and technological exchange department.

Creating joint committees for technological cooperation with other countries, presence in the international scientific and technological organizations with the aim of using their capacities, supporting the dispatch of technological cooperation attachés, explaining and planning the macro policies for the international cooperation in the technological field, supporting the grounds for the expansion and promotion of the literature of the country’s scientific and technological diplomacy, etc. are among the plans of the international affairs and technological exchange department for the development of the science and technology diplomacy.


Technological exchanges office

The international affairs and technological exchange department has materialized the promotion of the strategic plans for the exchange of the technological knowledge by observing and analyzing the new technologies at the international level, creation of the regional and international networks, policy-making and compilation of the strategies of the development of the instruments for exchanging technology, monitoring the international opportunities for the exports and exchange of technology, etc. Creating common grounds for cooperation with the similar institutions in exchanging technology in other countries and elaborating on the policies and necessary regulations for the development of such exchanges are among other responsibilities of this office.

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