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DOI.Acquaintance with the Deputy

Eng. Ali Morteza Birang
Deputy for international affairs and technological exchange


- MA in management (MBA) from Sharif University of Technology’s management and economy college in 2003 (Thesis title: Importance and role of the science and technology parks in the country’s national innovation system)

- Advisor the national elites foundation for the international affairs

- Manager of the international affairs of the center for the technology and innovation cooperation of the presidential office

- Technological cooperation attaché of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s embassy in New Delhi

- Deputy head of Pardis technology park

- Head of the center for technological studies of Sharif University of Technology

- Advisor of the center for growth of the advanced technologies of Sharif University of Technology, East Azarbaijan province’s science and technology park

- Presenting several essays and speeches in the international and national conferences on the technology parks, the national innovation system, diplomacy of technology and international cooperation in the technological fields

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