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Technology Commercialization Office

Responsibilities of the technology commercialization office:

1.   Planning and implementing the macro policies in line with the financial and spiritual supports for the commercialization plans to strengthen the knowledge-based economy through providing facilities and services of idea to the market.

2.   Planning and implementation of the supportive and implementing the supportive mechanisms in line with strengthening the intermediate scientific and technological institutions, including the science and technology parks, growth centers of the technological units, offices for transferring technology, industrial branches, knowledge-based formations affiliated to the industry, mine and trade ministry, etc.

3.   Intersectional planning, consultations and coordination in the ministries and executive technological and innovative organizations and institutions to support the commercialization of companies and economic agencies  in the private sector with the approach of facilitating the commercialization process.

4.   Planning and compilation of the executive policies in line with the organization of the general and specialized tech-markets in the prioritized fields, creating demands in the market and effective interaction between the technological and innovative supply and demand and strengthening the knowledge-based economy.

5.   Planning and implementing the macro policies for organization of the national science to action festival and other specialized festivals with the commercialization approach.

6.   Planning, compilation and implementation of the macro policies to provide the ground for the exports of knowledge-based goods and services with the approach of strengthening the knowledge-based economy.


7.   Macro planning for empowering the economic companies and agencies to strengthen commercialization at the national and ultra-systematic levels.

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