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Goals, Responsibilities and Plans

Responsibilities of the innovation and commercialization of technology department:

1- Supporting investment of the economic agencies in the production and commercialization of science and technology

2- Supporting the marketing for the innovative products, specially through prioritizing the Iranian products and services

3- Organizing the general markets and creating the specialized tech-markets in the prioritized fields in the country

4- Increasing the role of science and technology in empowering and improvement of productivity in the industrial and production sectors

5- Strengthening the structures to support the demand-oriented development of the technical and engineering activities

6- Persuading the technical and engineering graduates to create private and cooperative knowledge-based companies in the scientific and technological parks and growth centers through presenting special facilities to them

7- Creating ultra bourse market of the knowledge-based institutions and companies and supporting their introduction to the bourse market

8- Macro policy-making for commercialization and innovation through cooperation with other bodies

9- Planning, organization, management and supervision on the commercialization and innovation activities of the country

10- Planning, management and supervision on cooperation among the universities, industry and market

11- Identification, studying, approval, planning, management and supervision on the macro national technological and innovative plans

12- Using the capabilities of the university elites and scientists to have relations with industry, market and partnership for the national macro planning

13- Development and expansion of commercialization and innovation by supporting the knowledge-based companies

14- Planning to strengthen the private knowledge-based companies to improve the commercialization and innovation and pave the ground for the expansion of these companies’ activities

15- Supporting and guiding the knowledge-based companies present in the towns, parks and the growth centers

16- Designing the roadmap, the status quo and the proper situation of the country in the field of commercialization and innovation of the technological achievements

17- Identifying and supporting the macro industries which enjoy the advantage to be applied for commercialization and innovation in the country

18- Creating jobs through the development of commercialization in the knowledge-based companies

19- Planning, guiding and supervision on the infiltration of the strategic technologies in the country’s macro industries

20- Policy-making and planning for a technological and innovative development in the country’s macro industries

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