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Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Offices Responsibilities

Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Office's Responsibilities


Elaborating on the legal and parliamentary affairs office's responsibilities: 

- Writing contracts, MoUs and all the legal documents between the scientific and technological department of presidential office and other executive bodies.

- Presenting legal advice on the draft of all contracts, MoUs and the abiding documents compiled at the level of the scientific and technological department of presidential office and the related centers and the National Elites Foundation.

- Studying and commenting in the drafts of laws and approvals needed by the scientific and technological department of presidential office to be presented to a higher official and taking orders to pursue the issue until being approved by the relevant and qualified authorities.  

- Providing circulars and legal announcements.

- Defending the rights of the scientific and technological department of presidential office vis-à-vis the raised lawsuits against it in the Judiciary.

- Raising lawsuits against the real and legal persons by presenting strong and undeniable evidences.

- Commenting explicitly, clearly and compelling on legal inquiries of various units.

- Explaining, interpreting, elaborating and analyzing the laws and regulations and relevant circulars about the duties of the organization for the unit which use the respective system.

- Preparing and submitting the laws, regulations and statutes and presenting them to the competent authorities

- Settling Differences between the departments and other governmental bodies.

- Cooperation and partnership with the similar fields of other departments in preparing and regulating the legal bills.

- Documenting and formation of data bank related to the laws and regulations to be used by all organizational units.

- Establishing relations with the parliament and its members based on the orders of the higher-ranking official.

- Compiling report of the raised issues related to the department at the parliament.

- Compiling necessary reports for the legal and parliamentary affairs office to defend the raised bills in the parliament.

- Collecting documents to justify and clarify the legal bills and regulations and approvals in the parliament.

- Receiving and pursuing the letters, protest letters, notifications and demands of the parliament members on the activity of the system's different parts and sending them to the relevant units.

- Coordination in announcing the plans of the parliament's commissions to the relevant units to become informed and if necessary presence in the parliament.

- Inviting the officials, managers and experts based on necessities and coordination for presence in the parliament and the relevant commissions.

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