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“Knowledge-based” reached the 32nd station

“Knowledge-based” reached the 32nd station

In its 32nd issue, the monthly journal of “knowledge-based” covers the latest news in the field of knowledge-based with various files to talk about the necessities for the development of “ecosystem” so that it could enter the third wave of innovation.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, growth and acceleration of the movement of start-up activists and knowledge-based individuals has become more accelerated with the wider development of the innovation ecosystem. In the year of boom of production, we can overcome the barrier of restrictions and sanctions with the power of startup and knowledge-based businesses.

The educational, scientific, and analytical monthly journal of “Knowledge-based” reviews the necessities of continuous move toward the suitable ecosystem with the role playing of knowledge-based companies and startups. This issue announces the latest news and events in this field and publishes new reports and content in this area.

On Imperatives of Development and the Third Wave

Parviz Karami, the editor in chief of “Knowledge-based” journal, initiated the editorial of this issue with a contemplating question: “what do we talk about when we talk about startup?”. In this note, Karami talks about the necessities for creation of a regional and global ecosystem for the activity of creative youth, who can lay the groundwork for evolution. In a part of the note, we read: “startups have cultural and social benefits and decrease the involvement of the government. In addition, they promote the foundations of religious democracy through participating the young men and women in social areas. If our goal is to bring the youth to the field and allocate them responsibilities, there is no choice but to lay the proper groundwork for startups and support them from a distance”.

Other parts of this issue include notes, reports, and news, a detailed case of blockchain, startups in the field of agriculture, and customs for creation of new and creative ideas. In addition, the top books in the field of science and technology are introduced in another part of this issue and some other contents are presented that can be useful.

Using a barcode scanner app, you can have access to the texts, pictures, sounds and films related to the journal in your smart phones.

The 32nd issue of the “Knowledge-based” monthly journal has been published specially for with the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs as the concessionaire, Sorena Sattari as the director-in-chief and Parviz Karami as the editorial-in-chief.

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