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In the Presence of the Vice President for Science and Technology Affairs;

The Startup House of Ahvaz is held

The Startup House of Ahvaz is held

The vice president for science and technology affairs emphasized that none of the leading scientists of the country have made history with the oil-based industry. In this regard, he continued: a proper environment will lay the foundation for the flourishing of great scientists.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Sattari traveled to Khuzestan Province and attended the opening ceremony of the Startup House of Ahvaz, expressing: proper environment can lay the foundation for the flourishing of great scientists.

The vice president for science and technology affairs mentioned: the Startup House of Ahvaz, based in the science and technology park of Khuzestan, has created an environment for idea-makers, experts and investors in the area of businesses based on technology of information and communication to create their business model and present their product or service to the business market.

The Knowledge-based Ecosystem Needs the Sympathy and Determination of All Provincial Sectors

During his trip to Khuzestan Province, Sattari met with Hojatoleslam Seyed Nabiollah Mousavifard, talking about the change of the economy and culture of the country from raw-selling and oil-based to youth-oriented and innovative as the major discussion on a knowledge-based economy and considering it the main priority of efforts made by the Vice-Presidency.

Sattari emphasized that helping knowledge-based companies and startups is a part of the challenge of occupation and value creation.

The vice president for science and technology affairs regarded the result of this effort the flourishing of a knowledge-based economy by the help of more than 4000 knowledge-based companies and 6000 startups.

Self-belief and Identity Are the Gifts of Knowledge-based Companies

In this meeting, the Friday Imam and the representative of the supreme leader in Khuzestan province pointed out the special role of the Islamic revolution in creating self-belief and identity.

400 Companies Are Active in the Area of Creative Industries

In this trip, the vice president for science and technology affairs traveled to Khuzestan and visited the achievements of knowledge-based activists and technologists of the park.

In this visit, the activists of the park showcased their achievements in various technology fields to Sattari and the governor of Khuzestan.

Along with this visit, Sattari mentioned that the development and commercialization of sciences will occur in companies from the viewpoint of knowledge-based economy, asserting: in this regard, we have implemented the program to support creative companies, and more than 400 creative companies have commercialized their services and products.

Sattari added: development of human resources is like commercializing it, and the ninth rank of Farsi language on the cyberspace with the help of startups of this field is a valuable opportunity for promotion and boosting of Farsi Language. 

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