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An Exhibition for Presenting Innovative Ideas

An Exhibition for Presenting Innovative Ideas

The 8th round of INOTEX exhibition is held in the presence of 200 startups and by the efforts of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, seven rounds of INOTEX have been held in Iran with the help of Pardis Technology Park. This exhibition plays a significant role in introducing the achievements of knowledge-based companies and startups. In addition, it is a new exhibition that is participated by young Iranian idea makers and experts who need a simple space and equipment to introduce their abilities.

The 8th round of INOTEX is held based on experiences of former rounds and with new products and services from capable knowledge-based companies and startups. This round of the exhibition has attracted the trust of 200 startups and 100 knowledge-based companies to showcase their products to investors.

According to Akbar Ghanbarpour, deputy for innovation development of Pardis Technology Park and secretary of the 8th INOTEX, more than 200 startups and 20 accelerators and innovation centers will attend this round of the event. He continued: in addition to the presence of 14 investing organizations, more than 50 investors will participate the investment café of INOTEX and will meet with technological companies and startups in four days.

The secretary of INOTEX 2019 also asserted: more than 100 knowledge-based companies, 14 independent inventors, 15 technology brokers, 12 science and technology parks and growth centers, and five startup media will attend INOTEX.

Presence of Foreign Inventors in INOTEX 2019

In this exhibition, more than 40 counselors and mentors of the ecosystem of innovation and technology will be present to hold half-hour meetings with entrepreneurs and startups in the mentorship pavilion for free. One of the important parts of this year’s exhibition is the presence of foreign guests, idea-makers, and inventors, in a way that more than 20 Iraqi inventors will be present in the exhibition to meet and negotiate with Iranian inventors and investors during four days. Moreover, people will come from Poland, China, and Iraq. 

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