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Advisor to the Vice President for Science and Technology Affairs:

Creativities will make the mine industry more stable

Creativities will make the mine industry more stable

Announcing the publication of book of evaluation of global experiences of startup companies in mine field, Parviz Karami stated: this industry needs innovative and creative solutions to make it more stable and productive.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, the 15th volume of book of evaluation of global experiences of startup companies is published by knowledge-based publications in field of mine.

Parviz Karami, the advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs announced this issue and expressed: as newly developed economies develop their mining sections, supporting the development of service, technology and applied skills are necessary for effective and stable exploitation of mine reserves. Developing new business models in mine industry, which are primarily based on innovation and technology, can highlight the role of mine industry in knowledge-based economy based on innovation.

Karami emphasized the necessity of attention to sustainable development in mine industry, expressing: in the current era, attention has been paid to the sustainable development of all industries. In mine industry, responsiveness and minimum damage to the environment and improvement of social cooperation with the goal of supporting the new and existing projects are the goals and challenges of activists of mine industry in the future.

Presence of Innovation and Elimination of Barriers to Mine Industry

Secretary of knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter pointed out the necessity of presence of innovation and elimination of barriers to mine industry, asserting: decreased cost of mine products along with increased expenditures of exploration and extraction, as well as concerns regarding decreased exploitation in this field have led to special attention to operational costs. This industry needs creative and innovative solutions to make the industry more stable and productive.

Karami mentioned the advanced extraction, covered exploration, social and environmental sustainability and automation of production and extraction as technological opportunities for startups to play a role in the value chain of mine industry.

According to Karami, the trend of startup businesses is in a way that startups have improved the industry and have taken up the challenge of solving the problems of various industries. New companies in different industries find problems and present innovative solutions to the problems. Mature industries such as mining are not far from the emergence of startups and formation of relevant concepts. In this regard, newly developed companies are playing a role in highlighting this industry.

Considerable Growth of Startup Economy in Mine Industry

Advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs also claimed: therefore, this book and using the experiences of startups in different sections of mine industry, including the production of mineral compounds, extraction and providing operational and support services to promote the industry could be strategies employed by the activists of this region. In recent years, attention to startup ecosystem in mine industry has had a considerable growth. Given the fact that the industry has been established for 200 years, the growth of venture capitals is a considerable note in this industry, and these companies have the highest share of investment in startup ecosystem.

To date, 15 volumes of the series of reports of evaluation of global experiences of startup companies in various business fields have been published by the knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter. This act has been carried out in line with developing the ecosystem of new, knowledge-based and startup companies as one of the main missions of the Vice-Presidency. The series of reports is published to recognize the challenges of activists of various fields in the world to form more dynamic companies in the country. You can click here to download the file. In addition, other volumes of the book are available on the website of the Vice-Presidency, section of startup books.

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