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Emergence of prominent scientists requires the presence of an ecosystem

Emergence of prominent scientists requires the presence of an ecosystem

The vice president for science and technology affairs stated on the conference on the commemoration of day of Khayam: the valuable experience of emergence of prominent scientists, such as Khayam and Attar Neyshaburi, who have remained in the history forever and penetrated cultures, requires the re-definition of concept of development and formation of a suitable ecosystem for the flourishing of innovation and creativity of human beings.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, mentioned on the conference of commemoration of Khayam and in the presence of a number of academics and authorities of University of Neyshabur: the existence of a suitable ecosystem guarantees the emergence of scientists and successful experience of scientific superiority. In this ecosystem, all parts are dedicated to the flourishing of human beings’ innovations and creativities.

Mentioning that innovation and technology cannot be bought and must be learned, Sattari continued: great scientists such as Khayam and Attar brought a valuable heritage for the country thousand years ago, which has remained up to this day and has penetrated other cultures and civilizations.

Sattari talked about the power of cultural industries as an efficient tool that can revolutionize the culture and economy, asserting: the soft power and cultural industries can break the boundaries and transform the economy in the midst of the influence of our culture.

Repeating the Experience of Advancement

Head of the soft and identity-making technologies development headquarter considered the repetition of the brilliant era of scientific advances with the emergence of scientists such as Khayam to be depending on the formation of a suitable ecosystem for emergence of creativities of the youth in the country.

According to the president of the national elites foundation, if we want to witness the emergence of such valuable scientists, we need an ecosystem with components working in collaboration with each other.

Necessity of Redefining the Concept of Development

The vice president for science and technology affairs emphasized the importance of development based on domestic features and advantages, asserting: we must see how development is defined. Creative and cultural industries are recognized as a unique feature that could be turned into economy with the existence of an accurate culture and understanding. According to Sattari, we must learn from the past and consider the future in order to gather a valuable asset for development. The future of the city and the country will not be guaranteed by development imposed from the outside and development of ecosystem of entrepreneurship will be associated with the provision of a suitable environment for the innovation of the youth.




 Sattari considered the inaccurate definition of development as the outcome of depending on economy of selling raw materials and oil. The vice president for science and technology pointed out that evolution depends on the culture and education.

Pointing out that a large city such as Neyshabur has talented youth who can repeat the experience of emergence of prominent scientists and innovation creation through collaboration with each other to create a suitable environment, Sattari affirmed: we are totally prepared to re-define the development beliefs and criteria based on a creative and innovative economy that relies on the educated youth.

Science and Technology Park of Neyshabur Will Have an Innovation Center

Sattari visited the science and technology park of Neyshabur and inaugurated its innovation center. Knowledge-based companies, startups in fintech area, chemical industries, handicrafts, foods, pharmaceutical products, electronics and electricity companies will be based in the innovation center of this park.

Khayyam Planetarium

The vice president for science and technology affairs also visited the process of construction of the cultural complex of Khayyam Planetarium and inaugurated the Khayyam Planetarium.

This cultural and scientific complex has a total floor area of 2,889 m2, including 2800 m2 under a ceiling, 37 m2 of the side riwaq, 52 m2 console and door of the building. This complex has three storeys.

Sattari also visited the tomb of Khayam, Attar and Kamalolmolk and paid tribute to these great figures.

Knowledge-based Companies Will Host the Science and Technology Caravan

In addition, the vice president for science and technology affairs visited two knowledge-based companies of Shargh San’at Neyshabur and Metallurgy Poudr Khorasan to learn about the concerns and necessities of activists of these businesses.

Shargh San’at Neyshabur produces industrial molds and automobile space parts and the Metallurgy Poudr Khorasan manufactures metal and non-metal powders required by industries.

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