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To Inaugurate the Scientific Ceremony and Commemoration Day of Khayam;

“Neyshabur” welcomed the caravan of science and technology.

“Neyshabur” welcomed the caravan of science and technology.

In order to inaugurate the scientific conference on “Khayam” day, open the innovation center of science and technology park and visit the knowledge-based companies, startups and innovation centers, the vice president for science and technology affairs entered Neyshabur.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, along with the commemoration day of Khayam, an Iranian scientist from Neyshabur, Sorena Sattari along with his companions entered Neyshabur on May 18th, 2019.

Upon entrance, Sattari went to science and technology park of the city and opened its innovation center. During this visit, Sattari talked with the activists of the companies based in the park. Fintech, chemical industries, handicrafts, foods, pharmaceutical products, electronics and electricity are among the growing products of the science and technology park.

Afterwards, the vice president for science and technology affairs attended the opening ceremony of scientific conference of commemoration day of Khayam and presented a speech on the necessities of repeating the experience of emergence of prominent scientists such as Khayam in the presence of academics. The meeting of scientific conference of commemoration of Khayam, a mathematician, poet and astrologist, will be held aiming at promoting the model of the comprehensive character of this scientist in the presence of a number of academics and Khayam researchers.

By attending the Khayam industrial town, Sattari visited two knowledge-based companies of Shargh Sanat Neyshabur and Khorasan Metallurgy Poudr to learn about their concerns and needs for production based on the statements of activists of the businesses.

Shargh Sanat Co. of Neyshabur producers industrial molds and automobile spare parts, whereas the other company produces metal and non-metal powders required by industries.

Visiting the astrology complex and Khayyam Planetarium, which is one of the largest research projects under construction in Neyshabur, is another part of this one-day trip to this city.

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